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West desert already a risk

At present, the west desert of Utah is a risk to the health and safety of the people of Utah, especially the people of the Wasatch Front, without the storage of nuclear waste. There are decomposing chemical warheads being destroyed near Tooele, low-level hazardous waste dumps west of Grantsville and mineral production plants filling the air with pollutants and destroying our once-famous Salt Flats. The military also has a large bombing range that just a few weeks ago had an accident with a missile that fortunately did not kill anyone.

I ask, if safety and health are the issues in opposing the Goshute Indians from having a nuclear waste facility, why haven't Gov. Mike Leavitt and others been so stanch in stopping the military and the businesses that are there now that threaten our safety and health? I applaud the Goshute Tribe for trying to improve their present economic conditions. Nuclear waste cannot be any more dangerous than an off-course missile or decaying chemical warheads or hazardous waste.We should be partners with the Goshute Tribe in this venture. If those electric companies want to store nuclear waste here, make them pay. I propose that the state Legislature set up a nuclear and hazardous waste trust fund. This fund would be set up like the oil revenue trust fund in Alaska. The Alaska fund collects money from the companies that use the Alaska pipeline for transportation of oil. Every year each citizen of Alaska receives a share of the profits from this trust. Taxes are reduced if not eliminated. What a burden to be lifted off all Utahns paid by the big bullies of the East.

David C. Viall

West Jordan