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Ignore gun fearmongering

Several years ago, Bill Moyers interviewed the aging Fritz Hippler on one of his TV specials. The program dealt with propaganda, and Hippler had been a chief propagandist for the Nazi regime. At one point in the interview, Hippler said this in essence: "The secret of propaganda is to simplify ideas so that even the most common man can understand and then repeat. Simplify and repeat, repeat, repeat."

This seems to be the tactic of those who are so determined to eviscerate the present concealed-weapons carry law. These people are so obsessed with the issue it is baffling. Despite their frightful predictions three years ago, there is simply no persuading evidence that concealed-carry has negatively impacted our community or citizenry.I challenge them to show otherwise, but they obviously intend to ignore evidence and continue droning on like a basso ostinato part in a poorly written piece of Baroque music.

The statement of LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinkley that firearms are "inappropriate" in church has been exploited by many who would probably ridicule anything else he might say and only shows the hypocrisy of their approach to garner support. In any case, propriety and legality are two different issues to be considered.

I hope as our legislators reconsider the present concealed-carry law, they will take a genuinely sensible approach and not let the propaganda of the fearmongers determine the issue.

Steve Cannon

Salt Lake City