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5 more suspects arrested in Mexican massacre

Mexican prosecutors arrested five more people in connection with the massacre Dec. 22 of 45 Indians in the strife-torn southern state of Chiapas, officials said Saturday.

Officials of the county of Chenalho said they had handed over the suspects, all former soldiers, to representatives of the federal Attorney General's Office for questioning.Survivors of the killings, which reignited long-simmering tensions in Chiapas and drew international condemnation, said the men were connected with the paramilitaries who gunned down Indians praying in church in the highland village of Acteal.

"They burned our homes and stole clothes from those fleeing from the violence," Pedro Vazquez Perez, a refugee from the nearby community of Tazajalucum, said.

The paramilitary killers have been linked with the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Friday's arrests brought to 56 the number of people detained in the Acteal murders, which forced the resignations of the state governor and the federal interior minister.