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Disneyland raises admission by $2

The Happiest Place on Earth just got more expensive: Disneyland raised its admission price for adults this week by $2 to $38.

The price hike, the first in a year, makes the 43-year-old landmark the most expensive ticket among major Southern California theme parks. Universal Studios Hollywood charges $36 for adults, while Knott's Berry Farm and Six Flags Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita each has a $35 adult entry fee."We constantly look at the value of our experience and evaluate the competition, then price accordingly," said Disneyland spokesman Tom Brocato. "There's no set formula."

Universal Studios spokesman Eliot Sekuler said the theme park's pricing plans for this year are not final.

Disneyland also bumped up ticket prices for children 3 to 11 by $2 to $28, making it the most expensive local amusement park for parents. Universal Studios charges $26 for children 12 and younger, while Knott's has a $25 child ticket. Six Flags charges $17 for children shorter than 4 feet.

Disneyland is offering Southern California residents a discount adult price of $28 through May 15 to bolster business during its slowest period, with that price up $2 from a similar promotion last winter. No discount price is available for children.

Disneyland, the flagship of Burbank-based Walt Disney Co., has increased adult prices by $8 for adults and $4 for children since 1993. But prices at the company's trio of Florida parks are significantly higher - $42.14 for a one-day adult pass to Walt Disney World, Epcot or Disney-MGM Studios and $33.92 for children 3 to 9.