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Book lists the prices, other data for plates, various collectibles

Question: In the '60s and '70s we were part of the plate collecting fad. Is there a book or catalog available that lists current prices for such plates?

- Carol Helene, Miami

Answer: Current values for limited edition plates, figurines, cottages, prints, bells, ornaments, steins, dolls and plush toys can be found listed, described and priced in the "1998 Price Guide to Limited Edition Collectibles," edited by Mary Sieber (Krause Publications; 715-445-2214). It is also available for $21.95 postpaid from Ace Enterprises. The book prices more than 55,000 items, including many Franklin Mint and Danbury Mint plates and pieces.

Question: My husband and I received some old paperweights from his aunt, which we've become interested in. How or where can we obtain information about them?

- Ruth Wiggers, Holland, Mich.

Answer: Write paperweight expert Lawrence Selman c/o L.H. Selman Ltd., Fine Paperweights, 761 Chestnut St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060, or phone him at 408-427-1183 for information.

You can also order the book "All About Paperweights" by L.H. Selman for $24.95 postpaid, or "The Dictionary of Paperweight Signature Canes - Identification and Dating" by Andrew H. Dohan for $30 postpaid from Selman at the above address, or phone 800-538-0766 to order by credit card.

Question: Where can I get authentic signed examples of Gustav Stickley furniture and furnishings that are the real McCoy?

- William Robertson,

Milwaukee, WI

Answer: You'll find authentic pieces at the 20th Century Auction on Feb. 15 at the John Toomey Gallery, 818 North Blvd., Oak Park, IL 60302; for a color catalog, send $35, or phone 708-383-5234 for information. The auction will offer over 380 lots of arts and crafts items, over 150 lots of American and European paintings, over 250 lots of 1950s/Moderne/Art Deco and Italian glass, and over 250 lots of costume and Bakelite jewelry.

And speaking of auctions, the collection of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor will be auctioned Feb. 19-27 at Sotheby's, 1334 York Ave., New York, NY 10021. A magnificent three-volume catalog is available for $110 postpaid, or phone 800-601-6155 to order by credit card.

Question: I recently started collecting Campbell's Soup items including plates, cups, spice jars, etc., both old and new. Where can I find Campbell Soup publications, or who can I contact regarding such collectibles?

- Sandra Floyd,

Hendersonville, Tenn.

Answer: Write the Campbell's Soup Collector Club c/o David and Micki Young, 414 Country Lane Court, Waconda, IL 60084. Enclose $20 (made payable to the club) for an annual membership and bimonthly newsletter, or phone 847-487-4917 for information regarding the club and its 400-plus members.

Question: I have several sterling and silverplated items with dents. Where can I get the dents removed and the pieces professionally repaired?

- Melissa Brady, Austin, Texas

Answer: Nobody can do it better than the century-old firm of Ciske & Dresch, 1125 Paramount Parkway, Batavia, IL 60510. For a reply or repair estimation, Write c/o Agnes and enclose photos of showing the dents and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Or phone the firm at 630-879-7818.

Question: Where can I get a St. Valentine's Day Massacre map that I'm told was mentioned in a past column?

- L. Johnson, Houston, Texas

Answer: Reproductions of the colorful illustrated Prohibition Map of Chicago depicting the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and where other gangland murders took place are available in poster size for $15 postpaid from Nicholas Gerage, 5017 N. Springfield Ave., Chicago, IL 60625.