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Train homeless for jobs

I would like to tell you about a solution that I have come up with to take care of some of the problems of homelessness. I feel that every homeless person should have the opportunity to get training or schooling for a job. I'm not talking about doctors and lawyers, but more like your everyday common man's job.

If they have been given the opportunity to get the training for a job and they turn it down, then it is no longer the government's responsibility to watch after the welfare of that person. They should be given so many days to do it on their own, but if they cannot do it, they should be given the opportunity to have the government's aid one more time. At this point if they still choose not to except it, they should have to find their own place to stay.If they choose to take the training, they should be required to go out and try to find a job as soon as their training is completed. The people who are not homeless had to strive to get what they have today. I feel that the people who are homeless should have to do the same. It is not fair to the average everyday working man to just up and give someone who is homeless everything they need.

I know that this seems like a harsh plan, but if we show the people that they cannot lean on the government forever, then they might get up and at least strive to get a job. I know that there are some people who are mentally ill, and those are who we should be helping, but to those who are homeless and are as capable to get a job as any of us are, it is to them I say, "Get up and make something of your life before it passes you by."

Heidi Kent