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Clinton stole presidency

I have frequently heard people say "so what" to the breaking of laws by Bill Clinton and Albert Gore during 1996 election fund-raising.

Simply put, Clinton and Gore stole the 1996 election using illegally raised money. The truth is that they admitted the money was illegally obtained and returned millions but refused to return interest earned on the illegal money.Sadly, they can't return the votes that illegal money bought. The election is over, the money and the accrued interest used. That is a subversion of the Constitution. Illegal union money poured in. Illegal Chinese money poured in. Money extorted from poor Indian tribes was spent. Is this the type of president you Democrats really want to defend?

Clinton and Gore's illegal buying of the 1996 election was just as threatening to the Constitution as Watergate, if not more. It is the irony of ironies that Clinton said he'd have the most moral administration in the 20th century but created, by far, the most immoral presidency of this century.

Bill Clinton has demeaned, degraded and debased the office of president. Those who justify Clinton are just as dishonest as he is, and are burning the Constitution to light their backroom cigars.

Rand E. Oertle