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MONDAY: Australia holds a Constitutional Convention to decide whether to recommend that the nation become a republic and abandon the British monarch as head of state. Russian President Boris Yeltsin visits Rome. Scheduled execution in Texas of Steven Renfro for the 1996 fatal shooting of three people in Marshall.

TUESDAY:Tokyo high court to give ruling on former Doomsday cult top disciple Fumihiro Joyu. President Clinton meets with Bulgarian President Petar Stoyanov in Washington. The 70th Academy Award nominations will be announced. Scheduled execution in Virginia of Tony Mackall for killing service station cashier in 1986.WEDNESDAY: Berlin film festival opens.

THURSDAY: NASA briefing in Pasadena, Calif., on radar insights into ancient Angkor temples in northern Cambodia.

FRIDAY: Venice, Italy, celebrates 13th carnival.

SATURDAY: Valentine's Day.