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Utah Workers Compensation elects new board chairman

Melvin C. Green, co-founder of Galbraith & Green, a predecessor of Alta Health Strategies that later became First Health, has been elected chairman of the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah.

He replaces Jed Pitcher, chairman and chief executive officer of Regence Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Utah, who retired as chairman after 10 years of service.Mark Heugly, senior vice president of Zions First National Bank, was elected vice chairman. Howard Dransfield, St. George, a retired Mobil Oil Co. executive, was named to the fund's board of directors.

The fund is a mutual insurance company owned by its policyholders and governed by the board of directors. It has the biggest market share of workers' compensation insurance policies in the state and is considered a quasi-public agency because the governor selects the board of directors and the state auditor must review the fund's audit.