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W.V. residents scoop up 2002 Olympic pins

Remember those 2002 colorful pins celebrating West Valley City's participation in the upcoming 2002 Winter Games?

They're about gone.Within 24 hours. Faster than a finals heat on a luge run.

There are still a few left, said city spokesman Ted Nguyen, but those will be given out as part of a limited drawing for West Valley residents who complete an Olympics trivia card.

The first 500 pins were given to people who attended a Winter Olympics open house during a City Council meeting Thursday night. The next 100 were set aside for people who were able to name the first U.S. gold medal winner at the Nagano games over the week-end.

Another thousand went to early trivia card finishers and to Nagano for distribution to government dignitaries and members of the international community.

And now the drawing will be for the last 400 pins, Nguyen said, but most of the trivia cards already have been picked up and there are only a handful left.