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Teens hit high note for symphony

Nicole Bodtcher literally feels her music.

For two hours daily, the petite 16-year-old harpist blisters her fingers on the taut strings of the musical instrument she began playing six years ago."I eventually want to be a member of the Utah Symphony," said Bodtcher, a sophomore at American Fork High School who recently earned a a seat with the American Fork Symphony. "The hardest part about playing the harp is getting everything working at the same time."

Nearly 25 Utah County students, ranging in ages from 10 to 18, performed pieces from a standard concerto in voice, piano and wind and string instruments. The students also will be featured soloists at an April 27 concert with the local symphony.

The group is now in its fifth year.

The competition level for the four open positions was "very high," said conductor Gordon Childs.

Judges awarded the senior division spots to Springville's Brian Crosby, 17, and Robyn Hendriksen, 17, Orem.