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I-15 is costing many lives

Much is being said about the high monetary cost of the reconstruction of I-15. Another recent article states that there may be a simple solution for the funding problem. But very little is being said about the cost in lives. It is my opinion that the cost in lives is too high.

A young man from West Point lost his life last week as a direct result of the road construction. He was having problems with an air compressor he was pulling with a dump truck, and there was no emergency lane to pull into.As a result, the air compressor broke loose, and the young man was killed while trying to reattach it to the truck. He was concerned only with getting the hazard off the road to a safe place so no one would be injured. Derek Brinkerhoff was a hard working, kind and caring young man with a heart of gold. He leaves parents, brothers, sisters, other family members and a lot of friends. An emergency lane would have prevented this tragic accident.

If we think about it, we all know someone who is required to travel that mess on a regular basis. The odds are that sometime during this construction we will all find ourselves on that stretch of freeway with no emergency lane.

Would we react any differently if this was a member of our family, or if it was an entire family losing their lives, or if in fact the off-duty law enforcement officers involved in the accident were the ones who lost their lives?

It does not appear that our lawmakers or the people in charge of the construction will be doing anything to correct this horrible situation. It really seems that if they are smart enough to figure out how to make I-15 better for all our traffic, they should be smart enough to figure out how to make it safe for traffic while the construction is being done.

We all need to be more vocal. They will only pay attention to the problem if they hear from us. Please send letters or make phone calls to your representatives. It is absolutely ridiculous that we have no safe place to pull over with car trouble on that part of the freeway. The next tragedy could very well involve someone you love and care about.

Nathaniel Buelo