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Tiniest Saudi septuplet suffers a setback

The smallest of the Saudi septuplets is suffering from a life-threatening bacterial infection but is responding well to antibiotics, a doctor said Monday.

The boy has septicemia, or blood poisoning, said Dr. Sami Abdul-Rahman, a pediatrician at the hospital in the southern Saudi city of Abha where the babies were born eight weeks early on Jan. 14.Doctors realized something was wrong when the baby, named Fahd after Saudi King Fahd, developed a swollen stomach last week and started vomiting, Abdul-Rahman said.

Fahd was the last of the four boys and three girls born to 40-year-old Hasna Mohammed Humair to be taken off a ventilator.

"He caught an infection because his immunity is weak. Though it can be dangerous for someone that small, Fahd has responded well to the antibiotics," the doctor said.

The babies now weigh between 2 pounds 81/2 ounces and 3 pounds 3 ounces. When they were born, the smallest baby weighed just under 2 pounds and the largest slightly less than 3 pounds.