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Reagan wouldn't like airport name

Congressional Republicans honored Ronald Reagan's 87th birthday by overriding his principles.

Extending the reach of the federal government to meddle in local affairs, Congress voted to rename Washington National Airport, thus inflicting an unfunded mandate on the regional airport authority which, on behalf of the surrounding cities, objected to the change but now must pay for it.As a modest man, Reagan probably would oppose the change and, as a professed disdainer of Washington, most certainly would object to this particular airport.

A far more appropriate means of honoring him would be to preserve his beloved Rancho del Cielo as a historic site, but the Republicans are in full cry and see renaming the airport as a way of gigging the Democrats.

If honor Reagan they must, the airport authorities should go a step further.

They should rename the VIP parking lot, where members of Congress park free on the terminal doorstep, the Ronald Reagan Parking Lot and throw it open to the public. That way, on rainy, grid-locked Friday nights, as members of Congress schlep their bags from the distant public parking lots where they pay $12 a day just like the working stiffs, they will be reminded of their hero.

Or, as so many average people do, they could take the subway to the airport and get off at, as it now must be renamed, the Ronald Reagan Metro Stop and take the Ronald Reagan shuttle bus to the terminal.