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Firefighter calls family lucky to flee house fire

A Provo woman was treated for smoke inhalation early Monday after she escaped from a burning home at 846 E. 3900 North.

Ashes from a fireplace ignited wood and a roll of carpet placed next to the fireplace about 2 a.m., fire officials said.Six children and another adult, who were awakened by the smell of smoke, were able to flee the home unharmed. Smoke detectors inside the home were disabled because of remodeling in progress.

"We are lucky we didn't have six people with bad smoke inhalation or worse in this fire," Provo Fire Capt. Ed Scott said. "Usually people don't wake up because of the smoke. This could have been a real tragedy."

Firefighters from three stations responded to the blaze, which was extinguished in 10 minutes. Damages are estimated at $1,500.

Department officials are reminding all residents that flammable materials should be placed at least three feet from furnaces and fireplaces. Working smoke detectors are vital, said Scott, who was on the first fire unit to arrive at the scene.