For years, movie critic Gene Siskel has made a living by critiquing actors. Now, he's giving them a shot at him.

He did short dramatic scenes with the three Academy Award-winning stars of "Twilight" in videotaped segments for broadcast this week on CBS' "This Morning.""The most mysterious craft in filmmaking is acting, and I have realized that most critics don't write well about the craft of acting because they, like the general public, simply don't understand how it's done," Siskel said.

Paul Newman gave Siskel some guidelines: "The thing that I look for is whether you can see the machinery going on."

After the scene, Newman gave the critic a less than glowing review.

"It was too sincere," Newman said. "I saw the machinery of the sincerity."

Siskel also did segments with Susan Sarandon and Gene Hackman.