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David is as good as Donny

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In response to the Letter to the Editor "Swindled in technicolor," I was appalled at Derek White's lack of knowledge about David Osmond. I'm 14 years old and as a cast member in the Children's Choir, I have had the chance to see both Donny and David perform more than 20 times. Having worked with them both, I think the show has as much "Broadway-caliber" with David as it does with Donny.

I'm sorry that White felt he was swindled when he didn't get to see Donny Osmond perform. Donny has played his heart out, even singing when he was sick so as to not disappoint an audience. After one performance he was so ill he had to have oxygen. But White has missed two important points: Substitutes are routinely made for sick performers, even on Broadway, and no one gripes to the New York Times asking for their money back. There are plenty of cast members who could have filled in for Donny, and the professional, hard-rock critical director chose David over all of them. If David lacked confidence or was obviously out of place, the director never would have cast him or put him up on that stage. Every detail is scrutinized. David knows that part so that he can tease and play with us kids on-stage (like Donny) and no one else notices. He plays his character so completely that I was surprised to look over at him during "Close Every Door" and see him actually crying, like he was actually Joseph. You can't get someone to play their character better than that. Although it's true that there is magic when Donny is on stage, he has had his share of bloopers. I've yet to see David mess up.Tim Rice, who wrote the lyrics, said he absolutely loved the performance, that it was the best he'd ever seen. That should be good enough for you. If we want to have the thrill of seeing Broadway-quality shows brought to Utah, we have to be willing to also take an occasional disappointment if a performer gets sick. If you are hesitant to go, knowing there's a risk you won't see Donny, sell your tickets to me. I'd be glad to see David from an audience's point of view any day.

Heather Brown

Salt Lake City