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Reagan wants to redo sign

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Your paper recently received a letter from Highland resident Michelle Smith describing recent events surrounding a sign location that Reagan maintains in that city. Smith's interpretation of the events contrasts with our understanding of recent actions taken by Highland city.

To begin, I would like to thank Smith for being kind enough to send us a copy of this letter and would like to inform her as well as the Deseret News that Reagan Outdoor Advertising is extremely concerned about the appearance of all of our billboards. More specifically, in the instance described by Smith, Reagan approached the city when First Security commenced construction of its Highland facility about replacing our existing sign structure with an updated model. Unfortunately, the city rejected our offer.Now, it is not Reagan Outdoor Advertising that is preventing the renovation of the sign but rather Highland. We are willing to renovate this sign at our own expense if only our firm could obtain the necessary permits from the city. We appreciate Smith's concern and we urge her to contact the city of Highland and inquire as to why they are not willing to allow us to upgrade the sign structure on the First Security property.

Dewey A. Reagan

General manager, Reagan Outdoor Advertising

Salt Lake City