Here are some fun brain games you can play with your young children to keep their minds sharp!

Word Power:Choose a favorite toy, souvenir or nature object. Can you think of 10 different words to describe it? A beach ball is round and colorful, but it is also hollow, slick, light, bouncy, huggable, cool (to the touch) and squeaky (if you rub your fingers on it). Use all of your senses and you'll be expanding vocabulary and stretching imaginations.

"What If":

Play the game "What if" to explore and discuss possible options with children before a particular incident may occur. For example, ask your daughter what she would do if she got lost at the mall, what your son would do if he found a bag of candy at the park or what your daughter would do if she forgot lunch money at home. Challenge your child to create "what if" questions for you to answer!

Spring Cleaning:

Have your child think of as many things as he can that can be used to clean. For example, a vacuum, a broom, a bucket, a rake. A brush cleans lint from our clothes, dental floss helps to clean teeth, a filter helps clean water in a pool or aquarium.

The Sky's the Limit:

For a fun brainstorming idea, use a blackboard, dry-erase board or large sheet of paper taped to a door or wall. With your child, take turns drawing different things you might see in the sky: a kite, the sun, a rainbow, a parachute, Michael Jordan making a slam-dunk! Add to your drawing throughout the week.

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