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Malone has no regrets about ripping Miller, ‘Tag

SHARE Malone has no regrets about ripping Miller, ‘Tag

When given the chance on Monday, Karl Malone didn't back away from critical comments he made in two separate national TV interviews over the weekend concerning team owner Larry H. Miller and injured center Greg Ostertag.

Malone told ESPN and NBC that he was upset at Ostertag for getting a fat contract extension (six years, $39 million) and then not coming back to training camp in shape. He also was hurt when Miller said the Jazz needed to start looking to the future last summer, saying his relationship with the team owner had become "strained.""I'm not sugar-coating what I say any more," said Malone after Monday night's game. "I did it for nine years, but I'm not going to now. I'm going to say what's on my mind and whatever happens, happens."

As of Monday night after the game, Malone said he hadn't spoken to either Miller or Ostertag concerning his comments to NBC and ESPN.

"Maybe (Miller's) got more important things to do," said Malone. "He has not called me or tried to get in touch with me, but that's fine. I don't have a problem with that. I don't have a hell of a lot to say to him anyway."

Both Miller and Ostertag refused comment to the media on Monday. Ostertag, who is with the team and expected to be activated sometime this week, said he will begin answering media questions again once he starts playing.