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Gays and NEA resolutions

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The other day there was an article in the paper, followed shortly after by a cartoon showing a rat in a Boy Scout nest, about a federal court order requiring the Boy Scouts to reinstate a leader in the organization who was gay. A letter was in the paper recently from a Boy Scout leader complaining about that court order. I understand the position of the paper, and I understand even better the position of this Boy Scout leader, having been active for many years in this wonderful program.

There have been other related problems involving this type of situation, particularly one recently involving a prominent and successful lady here in Utah who is a high school athletic coach, apparently much respected otherwise. These are not the only nor are they isolated occurrences of this type of contention at all.Actually there is considerable reason for such actions taking place. One is probably not made very obvious to the public in general, or even likely to be obvious to many who should be aware of the circumstances. But it is very important.

In the 1997-1998 Resolutions of the National Education Association there are 14 references, both in general and specifically, supporting the gay-lesbian situations, both as to protection from em-ploy-ment "harassment" as well as in such situations as this Boy Scout case. This position has been held for several years by the NEA.

I would like to suggest that interested people obtain a copy and read it carefully. I also know that many members are not aware of what their association supports, since the resolutions are printed in very fine print with no table of contents or index. And it is long.

Please do not expect all the resolutions to be of this nature, many are very fine, but many are questionable.

Theodore G. Caughey