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Three Stooges from Provo?

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I have not run across many news stories that prompted me to make an editorial comment, but one certainly succeeded in doing just that. The coverage of the Provo High School basketball players who were involved in the theft of property and cash from the Ute locker room during the state tournaments was, if not entertaining, at the very least amusing. After reading their news article, suddenly three names came to mind: Larry, Moe and Curly.

These culprits not only illustrated the fact they were thieves but also very poignantly showed that they were dumb thieves.Aside from the fact that they became a source of embarrassment to Provo High School and hopefully to their parents, considering their method of "covering their tracks" and hiding their stolen "loot," they certainly weren't very bright.

What penalty will be imposed upon these players is anyone's guess, but I would hope that the Provo High School athletic department would have the integrity and the courage to, at the very least, eject them from the team permanently as, in view of their actions, they do not deserve to represent Provo High School.

I have to wonder if they remembered to thank the Utes for the "use" of their facilities and their property.

One word of advice to the three players involved seems to be in order: "Don't turn to a life of crime; you don't appear to be very good at it."

Kyle Smith