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Control crime, not guns

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I was very disappointed in LaVarr Webb's article in Saturday's paper and Mike Cannon's article in Sunday's paper concerning the status of Utah's gun laws and their notion that the Legislature failed the citizens of Utah by not further restricting the concealed weapons law. I have attended church regularly in Utah for decades and have not known anyone who carried a gun in church. To listen to the news and read the paper one would think that all 15,000 concealed permit holders are "packing heat" at all times and in all places. That is not the case. Guns in church are a problem that does not exist to any significant degree.

Putting restrictions on concealed weapon permit holders is aiding and abetting criminals. By doing so we make it easier for them to commit crime, give them more confidence that their intended victim is unarmed and defenseless at all times and in all places.The issue should be crime control not gun control. Our revolving door judicial system lets hardened criminals walk the streets because we are afraid to trample on their "rights." In the meantime many want to throw the book at a law-abiding citizen who carries a weapon for the purpose of self-defense.

There is an old adage that goes, "If you don't change your direction, you'll get where you're going." I'm afraid that the citizens of Utah will not like our destination if we focus on gun control instead of crime control.

W. James Palmer