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Candidates who filed for national, state and local posts

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The following candidate filings were compiled from the lieutenant governor's office and various county clerks after the filing deadline, 5 p.m. Tuesday.

State senators and most school board members serve four-year terms, so not all districts will have elections this year.The key to party affiliations is: Republican (R), Democrat (D), Independent American (IA), Independent Party (IP), Libertarian (L) and Natural Law (NL). Candidates running without a party are designated "unaffiliated." School board races are nonpartisan.

The 1998 Legislature passed a law prohibiting candidates from running under the banner of more than one political party. But the law doesn't take effect until May, so candidates were allowed to file under two or more party banners if they wished. However, by election day they must chose only one party to run in.

Judges wishing to stay in office run unopposed, with voters deciding "yes" or "no" in a retention election.


Robert Bennett (R) one-term incumbent; Hartley D. Anderson (R); Scott Leckman Lamont Harris (IA); Gary R. Van Horn (IA) .


1st District - Steve Beierlein (D); Christopher Woodward Clem (D); Gerard A. Arthus (L and R); James V. Hansen (R) nine-term incumbent.

2nd District - David L. Clark (R); Merill Cook (R) one-term incumbent; Lily Eskelsen (D); Ken Larsen (IP); Robert C. Lesh (NL); Arly H. Pedersen (IA); Brian E. Swim (L).

3rd District - Kitty K. Burton (L); Chris Cannon (R), one-term incumbent; Jeremy Friedbaum (R); Will Christensen (IA). No Democrat filed.


District 1 (Salt Lake County) - Paula Julander (D) former state representative; Ted Wilson (D) former Salt Lake mayor; Kenneth Grover (R); David Smith (L); Lilli DeCair (NL); Lawrence Kauffman (OA). Incumbent Robert Steiner (D) is not seeking re-election.

District 3 (Salt Lake County) - John Christensen (R); Marlow Draney (R); Fred Jones (R); state Rep. Gene Davis (D); Incumbent Blaze Wharton (D) is not seeking re-election.

District 4 (Salt Lake, Utah counties) - Edward Black (D); Howard Stephenson (R) incumbent; Ran-elle Wallace (R); Robert Perry (R).

District 7 (Salt Lake County) - David Buhler (R), incumbent; Louis Naegle (R); Karen Hale (D); Chris Larsen (ID) ; James Elwell (L)

District 9 (Salt Lake County) - Steven Poulton (R), incumbent; Arthur Haddow (R); Ronald Fullmer (R); Susan Dayton (R); Steven Wall (D); Dusty Swain (NL) .

District 10 (Salt Lake County) - Al Mansell (R), incumbent; Paul Smith (R); Russell Cannon (R); Howard Van Horn (R); Charles Bonsall (L); Tom Coleman (NL) .

District 11 (Salt Lake County) - Ed Mayne (D), incumbent; Deidre Ann Tyler (R); Duane Torsak (R)

District 12 (Salt Lake County) - Millie Peterson (D), incumbent; Marden King (R); Ronald Garff (R); James Leigh (R); Don Maruji (R).

District 13 (Salt Lake, Tooele counties) - Jack Nielsen (R); John Lodefink (R); Merrill Nelson (R); Edward Watson (R); state Rep. Daniel Tuttle (D); Ron Allen Incumbent George Mantes (D) is not seeking re-election.

Districti 15 (Utah County) - Parley Hellewell (R); Greg Soter (R); Lonnie F. Baird (R); Leo Lines (R); Timothy W. Lawson (R); Robert Davis (D); Mike Maloney (IA) . Incumbent LeRay McAllister (R) is not running.

District 18 (Weber, Davis counties) - Nathan Tanner (R), incumbent; D. Edgar Allen (D).

District 21 (Davis County) - David H. Steele (R), incumbent; Jeffrey Ostler (R) No Democrat filed.

District 22 (Davis County) - Craig L. Taylor (R), incumbent; Terry R. Spencer (R); Gregory J. Sanders (D) former candidate for U.S. Congress.

District 24 (Box Elder, Cache counties) - state Rep. Peter C. Knudson (R); Richard L. Partridge (R and L); Corey Rowley (D); Incumbent John Holmgren (R) is not seeking re-election.

District 26 (Summit, Wasatch, Duchesne, Uintah, Carbon, Daggett counties) - Steve Sady (L); state Rep. Beverly Evans (R); Jerry B. Romero (D); Incumbent Alarik Myrin (R) is not seeking re-election.


Northern Utah

District 1 (Box Elder, Tooele and Cache counties) - Eli H. Anderson (D) incumbent; Allen Gardner (R)

District 2 (Box Elder County) - Dennis Bott (R and L); Ben C. Ferry (R) J. Douglas Wight (D) Incumbent Peter Knudson (R) is running for state Senate.

District 3 (Cache County) - Mary Bissonette (D); Craig W. Buttars (R), incumbent.

District 4 (Cache, Rich counties) - Loraine T. Pace (R) incumbent; Myrna Redd (D).

District 5 (Cache County) - Monti Jones (D); Evan L. Olsen (R) incumbent.

Weber County

District 6 - Martin R. Stephens (R), incumbent; Randy Phipps (R); Frank Erwin ; Glenn W. Barrow (D)

District 7 - David Gladwell (R), incumbent; F. Thomas Babcock (D)

District 8 - Joseph G. Murray (R), incumbent; James R. Hasenyager (D)

District 9 - Neil A. Hansen (D); Betty Sawyer (D); Jesse Kemp (R); Robert O. Miles (R). Incumbent John B. Arrington (D) is not seeking re-election.

District 10 - Frank Guliuzza (R); Bill Turner (R); Dionne P. Halverson (R); former Democratic legislator; LaWanna "Lou" Shurtliff (D); Incumbent Pat Larson (D) is not seeking re-election.

District 11 (Weber, Davis counties) - Carl R. Saunders (R), incumbent; Randy T. Tippetts (R); Jeff Powars (R); Warren A. Vaughn (R); Donald M. "Biff" Whiting (R, D, L).

District 12 - Gerry A. Adair (R), incumbent; Lani Kai Rounds (D).

Davis County

District 11 (Weber, Davis counties) - Carl R. Saunders (R), incumbent; Randy T. Tippetts (R); Jeff Powars (R); Warren A. Vaughn (R); Donald M. "Biff" Whiting (R, D, L).

District 13 - Nora B.T. Stephens (R), incumbent; Paul Ray (R); Howard F. Stoddard (D) former West Point mayor.

District 14 - Don Bush (R), incumbent; Andrew Jeppson (R); Charmalee Blakeley (D); Robert Regan (D).

District 15 - Blake Chard (R), incumbent; Michelle D. Arciaga (R); Beatrice R. Espinoza (D); Susan Green Parker (D).

District 16 - Kevin Garn (R), incumbent; Todd B. Nilsen (D).

District 17 - Marda Dillree (R), incumbent; George L. Miles (D); Theda W. Judd (L).

District 18 - Susan J. Koehn (R), incumbent; Richard G. "Dick" Brown (R and L).

District 19 - Sheryl Allen (R), incumbent; Ernie Cox (R); Julie Clay Pollock (D).

District 20 - Richard M. Siddoway (R), incumbent; Robert K. Freestone (R); Larry Parker (R); Lew E. Jeppson (D); Reva Wadsworth (IA); Rudy Young Hansen (IP).

Tooele County

District 1 (Tooele, Box Elder and Cache counties) - Eli H. Anderson (D),( incumbent; Allen Gardner (R).

District 21 - James R. Gowans (D) incumbent; Beverly Christensen (R); Jeff McNeill (R).

Salt Lake area

District 23 - Duane Bourdeaux (D), incumbent; Mark Hansen (R); Jack Ellefsen (R).

District 24 - Ralph Becker (D), incumbent; Thomas Taylor(D); Vohn Renteria (D and IP); Bryce Brady (R); John Erickson (NL) .

District 25 - Dave Jones (D), incumbent; Robert Latham (R); Steven Estes (NL) .

District 26 - Janice Salazar (R); Fred Fife (D); Conrad Lloyd (D); incumbent Steve Barth (D); Larry D. Garske (IA) .

District 27 - Loretta Baca (D), incumbent; Tom Vasiliou (D); David Burnham((R); Siddhartha Herdgen (R); Ronald Amos (L).

District 28 - Afton Bradshaw (R), incumbent; Bruce Cohne (D).

District 30 - Jackie Biskupski (D); Paul Mecham (R); Steven Barrowes (R); Bryan Irving (R); Marc Meals (IA). Incumbent Gene Davis (D) is running for state Senate.

District 31 - Mary Carlson (D), incumbent; John Hollingshaus (R); Verdi White (R); John Pickering (R); Betty Christensen (IP); Charles Pearce (L).

Westside S.L. suburbs

District 22 - Carl Duckworth (D); Steven Hogan (D); Michael Jensen (R); Dan Cripps (R); Don Johnstun (L); Dub Richards (IP). Incumbent Daniel Tuttle (D) is running for the state Senate.

District 29 - Brent Goodfellow (D), incumbent; Troy Staker (R).

District 32 - Ron Bigelow (R), incumbent; Necia Christensen (D); Janet Ericson (IA) .

District 33 - Neal Hendrickson (D), incumbent; John Cannon (R); Steven Jensen (R).

District 34 - Orville Carnahan (R), incumbent; Kory Holdaway (R); Ed Anderson (D); Dennis Carty (D).

District 38 - Gary Cox (d), incumbent; Chauna Pierce (L); No Republican filed.

District 39 - David Zolman (R), incumbent; Rick Berry (R); Dean Knight (D); Jim Dexter (L).

District 42 - Perry Buckner (D), incumbent; Max Meng (R); Jim Jeppson (R).

District 43 - Wayne Harper (R), incumbent; Mary Hammond (D).

Eastside S.L. suburbs

District 35 - Judy Buffmire (D), incumbent; Kevin Arrington (R); Douglas Grassi (R).

District 36 - Lamont Tyler (R), incumbent; Calvin Brown (R); Greg Peters (D).

District 37 - Ray Short (R), incumbent; John Gundersen (R); Zane Gill (D).

District 40 - Richard Walsh (R), incumbent; Steve Anderson (R); Paul Olsen (R); Jerold Jensen (D).

District 41 - Patrice Arent (D), incumbent; Athelia Woolley (R); Mark Steffensen (R); Steven Olsen (IA).

District 44 - Gary Yengich (D); Carlton Bowen (R); Jeffrey McCarthy (R); Raymond Poole (R); Chad Bennion (R); Bruce Bangerter (IA) . Incumbent Robert Killpack (R) is not seeking re-election.

Sandy-south valley area

District 45 - Melvin Brown (R), incumbent; Eddie Ebbert (R); Michael Olsen (D); Ed Paul Smith (D).

District 46 - Brian Allen (R), incumbent; Karen Morgan (D); Alan Hep-ner (L).

District 47 - Bryan Holladay (R), incumbent; Mark Faux (IP) .

District 48 - Trisha Beck (D), incumbent; Brigitte Dawson (R); Bryce Naylor (R); Richard Perry (R).

District 49 - Greg Curtis (R), incumbent; Chris Shouse (D).

District 50 - Lloyd Frandsen (R), incumbent; Charles Campbell Hardy (R and L); Janalee Tobias (R and L); Dennis Fredette (D); Drew Chamberlain (IP) .

District 51 - John Swallow (R), incumbent; Gary Armstrong (D); Sherry Hall (D).

District 52 - David Hogue (R), incumbent; Kerry Casaday (R); Joe Evans (R and L); Sheldon Hansen (D); Lee McKenzie (Prohibition).

Northeastern Utah

District 53 (Summit, Morgan, Rich counties) - David Ure (R), incumbent; Greg Miner (D); Kim Passey (D).

District 54 (Wasatch, Duchesne counties) - John Wayne Lloyd (R); Brad Baird (R); C. Dean Kesler (R); James E. Williams (R); Robert Wren (R); Sheri L. Lagerquist (R); Allen E. Smith (R); Gordon E. Snow (R); Gina Erica Tillack (R); Cindy Barton-Coombs (D). Incumbent Beverly Evans (R) is running for state Senate.

District 55 (Uintah, Daggett counties) - Jack Seitz (R), incumbent, unopposed.

Utah County

District 56 - Tim R. Eisenhart (D); George F. Tripp (D); Susan J. Hunter (D) John R. Parker (IP) ; Shiela E. Heindel (IA) ; Steven W. Roll (R); F. Merril Warnick (R); Richard W. Smith (R); Jim Ravert (R); Richard John Hanson (R); David N. Cox (R); Douglas R. McAllister (R). Incumbent Christine Fox-Finlinson (R) is not running.

District 57 - Lowell A. Nelson (R), incumbent; Joe H. Ferguson (R); Janice Dean Mayne (D).

District 58 - John L. Valentine (R), incumbent; Walden W. Johnson (IA) . No Democratic candidate.

District 59 - Tammy Rowan (R), incumbent; Shelly Sawaya (R); John T. Wilkinson (IA) . No Democratic candidate.

District 60 - Katherine Bryson (R), incumbent; Gary J. Ransom (D); Douglas LeBaron (IA) .

District 61 - Margaret Dayton (R), incumbent; Brian L. Light (IA) . No Democratic candidate.

District 62 - Jeff Alexander (R), incumbent; Wayne L. Hill (IA) . No Democratic candidate.

District 63 - Jordan Tanner (R) incumbent; Henry S. Todd (IA) . No Democratic candidate.

District 64 - Becky Lockhart (R) Richard G. Thayne (Natural Law). No Democratic candidate. Incumbent Swen Nielsen (R) not running.

District 65 - J. Brent Haymond (R), incumbent; Matthew Throckmorton (R); Glenn V. Bird (D); Catherine C. Jensen (IA) .

District 66 - Glenn Way (R), incumbent; Jed R. Mitchell (R), Joel A. Bradford (D).

District 67 (Utah, Juab, Sanpete counties) - Bill Wright (R), incumbent; Richard M. Brough (R); Paul Meredith (IA) . No Democrat filed.

Southern Utah

District 68 (Millard, Sanpete counties) - Lloyd James Pipes (IA) ; Theodore Kyle Pope (R); Michael Styler (R), incumbent; Edwin B. Sunderland (R). No Democrat filed.

District 69 (Carbon, Emery counties) - Brad King (D), incumbent; Eldon Miller (NL) . No Republican filed.

District 70 (Sevier, Sanpete, Emery counties) - Bradley Johnson (R) incumbent, unopposed.

District 71 (Emery, Grand, San Juan counties) - Keele Johnson (R), incumbent; James E. Salmon (R); Manuel Torres (R); Robert R. Valerio (D).

District 72 (Iron, Beaver counties) - DeMar "Bud" Bowman (R), incumbent; A. True Ott (R); Victor Schafer (IA) . No Democrat filed.

District 73 (Beaver, Garfield, Kane, Piute, Sevier, Washington, Wayne counties) - M. Norman Gubler (A); Thomas V. Hatch (R), incumbent. No Democrat filed.

District 74 (Washington County) - Dennis Iverson (R), incumbent; David W. Suttner (R); Terence Moore (D).

District 75 (Washington County) - Robert O. Dalton (D); John W. "Bill" Hickman (R), incumbent; Richard Holliday (IA and R).


Davis County

County Commission Seat A - Dannie R. McConkie (R), incumbent; J. Dell Holbrook (D) former county commissioner.

County Commission Seat B - Carol R. Page (R), incumbent; Michael J. Cragun (R); Todd Weber (D).

Assessor - Ross A. Bartholomew (R); Carol C. Buckley (R); "Curley" John Carey (R); Helen Duggar (R); Raymond G. Thorson (R); Incumbent Willard Gardner (R) is not seeking re-election.

Attorney - Mel Wilson (R), incumbent, unopposed.

Clerk-auditor - Leonard Langford (R); Steve Rawlings (R); Pat Herrera (D); Margene Isom (R), incumbent, is not seeking re-election.

Recorder - James T. Ashauer (R), incumbent; Sheryl L. White (R); Clark E. Irwin (R); Klea Ann Moon (R); Anthony O. "Tony" Thompson (D).

Sheriff - Rob Davis (R), incumbent; Bud E. Cox (R); A.C. "Andy" Anderson (R).

Surveyor - Max B. Elliott (R), incumbent, unopposed.

Treasurer - Mark Altom (R), incumbent, unopposed.

Salt Lake County

County Commission Seat A - Mary Callaghan (R), incumbent; Charles Waldo (R);Wendy Smith (R); Karen Crompton (D).

County Commission Seat B - Mike Reberg (D); Paulina Flint (D); David Marshall (R); Steve Harmsen (R); Paul Walker (R); Margaret Peterson (R); Mark Shurtleff (R); Cabot Nelson (L); incumbent Randy Horiuchi is not seeking re-election.

Assessor - Bob Adams (D); Lee Gardner (R), incumbent.

Auditor - Leiann Bathemess (D); Craig Sorensen (R); incumbent; Mark Hashimoto (R); Roy Drew (R).

Clerk - Sherrie Swensen (D), incumbent; Arlene Ellis (R), Randal Longstroth (NL).

District Attorney - Mark Griffin (R); Neal Gunnarson ( R), incumbent; Robert Howell (R); David Yocom (D), former county attorney; Victor Gordon (IP) .

Recorder - Nancy Workman (R), incumbent; Jan Johnson (D).

Sheriff - Scott Miller (D); Aaron Kennard (R), incumbent; John Sheets (IP) .

Surveyor - Vaughn Butler (R), incumbent; Carl Larsen (D), former county surveyor.

Treasurer - Larry Richardson (R), incumbent; Gary Pratt (D), former county treasurer; Hugh Butler (L).

Summit County

County Commission Seat A - Eric Schifferli (R), incumbent; Richard R. Kohler (D).

County Commission Seat B - Jim Soter (R), incumbent; Merrill V. Duncan (R); Ruth Wagner (D); Patrick Cone (D).

Assessor - Barbara J. Kresser (D), incumbent, unopposed.

Attorney - Robert W. Adkins (D), incumbent, unopposed.

Auditor - Blake Frazier (D), incumbent; Rod Maxfield (R).

Clerk - Kent H. Jones (R), incumbent, unopposed.

Recorder - W. Alan Spriggs (D), incumbent, unopposed.

Sheriff - Thomas William "Bill" Judd (D), Summit County sheriff's deputy; Fred Eley (D), incumbent.

Treasurer - Glen G. Thompson (R), incumbent, unopposed.

Tooele County

County Commission Seat A - Teryl Hunsaker (R), incumbent; Jeff Carter (R); Robert H. "Bob" Swan (D).

County Commission Seat B - Lois E. McArthur (D), incumbent; Vicki Griffith (D); Dennis L. Rockwell (R); Brent E. (Husk) Crowther (R).

Assessor - Jerrie Paystrup (D), incumbent is running unopposed.

Attorney - Douglas J. Ahlstrom (R), incumbent; David K. Cunningham (D).

Auditor - Glenn W. Caldwell (D), incumbent is running unopposed.

Clerk - Dennis D. Ewing (D), incumbent is running unopposed.

Recorder - Calleen B. Peshell (D), incumbent is running unopposed.

Sheriff - Frank A. Scharmann (D), incumbent is running unopposed.

Surveyor - Donald J. Rosenberg (D), incumbent is running unopposed.

Treasurer - Valerie Lee (D), incumbent is running unopposed.

Utah County

County Commission Seat A - Jerry D. Grover (R), incumbent; Robert D.Ward (R); Rick Dougan (R); Daniel P. Greyi (D).

County Commission Seat B - David J. Gardner (R), incumbent; Hans V. Andersen Jr. (R); Nancy Jane Woodside (D).

Assessor - Claude C. Richards (R), incumbent, unopposed.

Attorney - Carlile K. Bryson (R), incumbent, unopposed.

Clerk-auditor - Arlin V. Kuhni, (R), incumbent; Gene Faux (D).

Recorder - Randall A. Covington (R), incumbent, unopposed.

Sheriff - David R. Bateman (R), incumbent; Douglas Witney (R); Richard Mack (R); George S. Alexanderson (D).

Surveyor - Clyde R. Naylor (R), incumbent, unopposed.

Treasurer - Leonard R. Ellis (R), incumbent, unopposed.

Wasatch County

County Commission Seat A - Keith D. Jacobson (D), incumbent; Michael L. Kohler (R); Paul J. Askins (R); Bill Young (unaffiliated).

County Commission Seat B - Sharon J. Winterton (R), incumbent; Glen B. VanWagoner (R); Ralph L. Duke (D).

Assessor - Glen C. Burgener (R), incumbent, unopposed.

Attorney - Dan H. Matthews (R), incumbent, unopposed.

Clerk-auditor - Brent R. Titcomb (R), incumbent; Robert A. Morris (R).

Recorder-surveyor - Elizabeth M. Parcell (D), incumbent, unopposed.

Sheriff - Michael A. Spanos (R), incumbent; Joseph F. Nelson (D); Steven W. Ridge (D).

Treasurer - Karolyn Wall Kirkham (D), incumbent, unopposed.

Weber County

County Commission Seat A - Joseph L. Hull (D); Camille Cain (R); Frank Maughan Jr. (R). Incumbent Bruce H. Anderson (R) is not seeking re-election.

County Commission Seat B - Joe H. Ritchie (D), incumbent; Dent T. Mason (R); Ken Bischoff (R); Shana Francis (F).

Assessor - David Haun (D), incumbent; Cheryl Madson (R).

Attorney - Mark R. Decaria (D), incumbent is running unopposed.

Clerk-auditor - Linda G. Lunceford (R), incumbent; Teresa Y. Yorgason (D).

Recorder - Doug Crofts (R), incumbent is running unopposed.

Sheriff - Brad W. Slater (R), incumbent, is running unopposed.

Surveyor - Martin Moore Jr. (R). incumbent, is running unopposed.

Treasurer - Nila Dayton (R), incumbent, is running unopposed.


District 1 (Washington, Iron, Beaver, Millard, Sevier, Piute, Wayne, Garfield, Kane counties) - Bette Oveson Arial, Julianne S. Kimber, Tony Pellegrini, Thomas Allen Pugh and Stephanie R. Schafer. Incumbent Neola Brown is not running again.

District 3 (Utah, Tooele, Juab, Sanpete, Emery counties) - Marilyn Shields, incumbent, is running unopposed.

District 5 (Weber County) - John L. Watson, incumbent, is running unopposed.

District 7 (Davis County) - Randy Lee Sedgwick and Kim R. Burningham. Incumbent Kath-a-rine Garff is not seeking re-election.

District 9 (Salt Lake County) - John H. Hohlbauch; Rock Whiting; Judy Larson; Richard Barnes and Allan C. Rushton. Incumbent Kay McDonough is not running for a second term.

District 10 (Salt Lake County) - Bruce A. Newbold; Lavelle Prince; Stacy Ann Dukes; Denis R. Morrill. Incumbent Waynette Steel is not running again.

District 13 (Salt Lake County) - Janet A. Cannon, incumbent; Earl M. Wunderli.


Alpine School Board

Precinct 4 - Gary L. Phelps; JoDee Sundberg; Deor Jenson; Phyllis A. Andersen. Incumbent Linda Campbell is not running.

Precinct 5 - Marilyn W. Kofford, incumbent; James G. Hunter.

Davis School Board

Precinct 4 - Katie Lee Dalton, incumbent, unopposed.

Precinct 5 - Cheryl Phipps, incumbent, unopposed.

Granite School Board

Precinct 4 - Judy Weeks; Kim Best. Incumbent Judy Larson is running for state school board.

Precinct 5 - Robert Arnold, incumbent; Julene Jolley.

Jordan School Board

Precinct 1 - Mark Hurst; John G. John; Peggy Jo Kennett. Incumbent Maurine Jensen is not seeking another term.

Precinct 2 - Ellen S. Wallace, incumbent; Blair L. Murri; Jim Moore.

Precinct 3 - Arlen F. Ekberg; Mark Hayward Heugly. Incumbent Ann Forbush is not seeking re-election.

Murray School Board

Precinct 2 - Darrell Pehrson, unopposed. Incumbent Rex Maughan is not running again.

Precinct 3 - Jim Brass; Lloyd Naylor. Incumbent Earl Townsend is not seeking another term.

Precinct 4 - Laura Baker, unopposed. Incumbent Leslie Kumatsu will not seek another term.

Nebo School Board

Precinct 4 - Richard LaMar Wilson, incumbent; Don Charles Dixon.

Precinct 5 - Bonnie J. Palmer, incumbent; Samuel G. Fletcher.

North Summit School Board

Precinct 4 - Thomas W. Toole. Incumbent Arlin Judd is not seeking re-election.

Precinct 5 - No one filed. Incumbent Mark S. Robertson is not seeking re-election.

Park City School Board

Precinct 4 - Colleen Bailey, incumbent; Terry Haupt.

Precinct 5 - Kathryn Adair; Lawrence G. Lewis; Scott Hill; James Pankow. Incumbent Roger Ful-mer is not seeking re-election.

Provo School Board

Precinct 1 - Mossi W. White, incumbent, unopposed.

Precinct 5 - Scott Cameron, incumbent, unopposed.

Salt Lake City School Board

Precinct 3 - Karen Derrick, incumbent, unopposed.

Precinct 4 - Richard Tyler, incumbent; Joel Briscoe.

Precinct 6 - Diane Barlow, incumbent; Craig Bunker.

South Summit School Board

Precinct 4 - Jared M. Weller, incumbent, unopposed.

Precinct 5 - Tim S. Gines, incumbent; Karl Wagstaff.

Tooele School Board

Precinct 4 - Robert "Cowboy Bob" Lawrence, incumbent; Larry H. Harrison; Carol S. Jefferies.

Precinct 5 - Kendall Thomas, incumbent, unopposed.

Wasatch School Board

Precinct 4 - Ron Davis, incumbent; Karl North.

Precinct 5 - Kevin Distefano, incumbent; Lynn Crisler.

Weber School Board

Precinct 1 - Jane Renstrom-Stevenson; William D. Norris; Earl Heninger; Dale J. Carter; Kimbal Hale. Incumbent Julie Broadbent is not seeking re-election.

Precinct 2 - Willard Z. Maughan; Sharilyn Gerber. Incumbent Mack S. Taft is not seeking re-election.

Precinct 3 - Richard W. Sadler, incumbent; Brent Richardson.


Utah Supreme Court - Leonard H. Russon; I. Daniel Stewart; Michael D. Zimmerman.

Utah Court of Appeals - Michael J. Wilkins.

1st District Court - Clint S. Judkins.

2nd District Court - Michael G. Allphin; L. Kent Bachman; Glen Dawson; Roger S. Dutson; Pamela Hefferman; Stanton Taylor.

3rd District Court - Judith Atherton; Leon A. Dever; Stephen L. Henriod; Robert K. Hilder; Ronald Nehring; Roger A. Livingston; Sandra Peuler.

4th District Court - Ray Harding Jr.; Fred Howard; Howard Maetani; Donald J. Eyre Jr.

5th District Court - G. Rand Beacham.

6th District Court - K.L. McIff.

7th District Court - Bryce K. Bryner.

8th District Court - A. Lynn Payne Jr.

2nd District Juvenile Court - J. Mark Andrus.

3rd District Juvenile Court - Frederic Oddone; Sharon McCully; Robert Yeates; Kimberly Hornak; Joseph W. Anderson.

4th District Juvenile Court - Leslie Brown; Sterling Sainsbury; Jeril Wilson.

5th District Juvenile Court - Hans Chamberlain; Joseph Jackson.


Davis County - Jerald L. Jensen.

Salt Lake County - Peggy Acomb; Kim Adamson; Joanne Rigby.

Summit County - Lynn Sadler.

Tooele County - William E. Pitt, Tooele; LaMar F. Melville, Wendover.

Utah County - Scott J. Cullimore.

Wasatch County - Blain R. Hylton.

Weber County - Craig Storey.