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Did you know that dandelion juice rubbed on a wart will make it diasappear?An old wife told me so.


The Farmer's Almanac Organization (a group of the old wives' husbands) says to cure your cloudy glasses (the drinking kind, not spectacles), put 1 to 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in the bottom of each and fill with hot water. Let stand for a few hours, then wash with hot water and detergent.

And speaking of soap, remember the '60s oldie, "The Leader of the Laundromat" by the Detergents? Whoa!


Teens between 13 and 18 can win a $2,500 U.S. Savings Bond simply by entering an original recipe that uses one or more cheeses. The National Cheese Institute (NCI) is sponsoring the contest to encourage young adults to get enough calcium in their daily diets.

To enter the contest (deadline is April 20), enter an original recipe containing cheese in one of the following categories: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacktime. Contestants should send their recipes to:

"Balanced Meals My Way Cheese Recipe Contest"

P.O. Box 39101

Chicago, IL 60639

If you win, you'll become the Big Cheese.


A recent study by scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health, the National Cancer Institute and Finland's National Public Health Institute (whew!) indicates that men who ate the most fiber in the form of rye bread significantly lowered the risk of coronary disease.

Just 3 slices of rye can supply 10 grams of fiber - about a third of the recommended daily amount for a healthful diet. However - BEWARE OF THE OVERSTUFFED PASTRAMI ON RYE! Stick to the leaner deli meats like turkey, roast beef or lean ham.


Ever find yourself at a social soiree, facing a group of strangers, with nothing to chit-chat about?

Food can be an excellent ice-breaker topic. Try these:

1) Did you know that there are approximately 900,000 poppy seeds in each pound?

2) Leftover pork dishes should be refrigerated within two hours of cooking and eaten within two days.

3) Flossing with the strings from a celery stalk is a real inflation-buster.


Slumgullion: This slang term originated during the California Gold Rush and described dishes (usually stews) made from leftovers.