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Slow down, Utah speeders

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I am appalled by what seems to me to be a pervasive disrespect for the law in Utah. Are we developing a culture that believes if you can get away with it, it's OK to do it?

I have recently moved to Riverton, which has required me to drive more to visit relatives and frequent down town businesses. Driving has become very high risk. Posted speed limits in the Salt Lake Valley have no observable effect on restricting speed on our highways.It doesn't matter how large the signs are, most of the drivers pay no attention to them. My friends and I have fearfully labeled I-15 between 3300 and 10600 South the luge run. As everyone knows, there is nowhere to escape from danger; you must stay in the track.

The speed limit is 55 miles per hour; therefore, I keep my speed between 55 and 60, and the vast majority of vehicles pass me far in excess of 60 miles per hour, and if there is someone ahead of them, they are immediately on their bumper.

Speeders do not restrict themselves to the inside lane. Attempting to change lanes to the right to avoid faster traffic or to get on an exit is extremely dangerous because drivers are passing in the outside lane at very high rates of speed and fast drivers seem to disregard turn signals..

In addition to freeway traffic, one or two automobiles run the red at almost every traffic light at which I am stopped during the day. I am dismayed that the Legis-lature rejected automated traffic control at stop lights because it was too "big brother." I am a conservative, and I believe in keeping government small, but some laws are essential to the protection of the citizenry.

Children need a big brother. If one is too immature to have natural concern for the welfare of others, he/she needs a big brother to teach proper behavior. Disrespect for the law and the unwillingness to enforce the law is injuring and killing our friends and neighbors.

J.L. Green