Age: 43

Where born: Los Angeles

Family: Husband, Kim; three sons: Brandon (22), Kenley (20), and Ryan (18)

Education: Weber State University, B.S. Health Care Administration; Westminster College, MBA candidate (December 1998)

Primary products: Integrated Health Care Services (I supervise the outpatient IHC clinics and practices.)

Number of employees: Company-wide 20,000; personally accountable for 93

Annual sales volume: Personally over $8 million


First "real" job: High school: florist shop; after college: strategic planning analyst.

Management style: Participative; team oriented.

Keys to success: Seek first to understand; prioritize and spend time in the truly important things - usually people rather than issues; give support and direction, and promote personal responsibility for team success.

One lesson I've learned in my work: Never assume.

What I like about my line of work: The people that I'm privileged to work for and with. I also enjoy the diversity of my work.

My heroes: My mom. She was a woman of great strength and character.

Leisure time and hobbies: Spending time out of doors; skiing, walking/hiking, swimming, volleyball, reading, traveling, browsing book stores and eating.

Favorite book: Too many to name; a few are "Outlander," "Jonathan Livingston Seagull," "The Thornbirds," "Daddy Long Legs."

Favorite movie: Currently "Princess Bride" and "Titanic."