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No surprise about Demos

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I am not surprised that the Utah Democrats were unable to field a candidate against conservative Republican Chris Cannon. Bill Clinton, and his local Democrat associates like Orton, Holweg and Echohawk, rationalize the existence of a big government, high taxes and moral chaos.

America faces many challenges and the two political parties differ on what direction to take. Obviously, the majority of Utahns agree with the Republican agenda.Chris Cannon has proved his commitment to conservative principles like individual freedoms and limited government. Chris has demonstrated he is committed to ensuring an opportunity in a changing economy and controlling spending and cutting taxes. Chris supports my agenda of individual rights, safe streets and less government. Chris has demonstrated that he understands that education and skills, not government welfare, are what it takes to stay competitive in a global economy. Chris realizes that excessive regulation, a Democratic policy that stifles job creation and hurts both producers and consumers, is a hidden tax on families.

America is nearing moral chaos under the leadership of the Democrat White House. Why would the local Democrats be surprised that Utahans wouldn't see their party for what it is. In our search to build a better America, we should seek to elect better leaders.

Nathan A. Rathbun