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Final Four sites

- In 1993, the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship Committee decided that only domed stadiums - with their larger seating capacities - will be selected as Final Four sites.

- To be selected as a Final Four site, a prospective host must provide in advance a building lease agreement and a guarantee of 8,000 available hotel rooms.- Finalists for the 2003, 2004 and 2005 Final Fours are Atlanta, Indianapolis, New Orleans, St. Louis and San An-to-nio.

- Indianapolis, which hosted the 1997 Final Four, estimates an economic impact of $30 mil-lion, with nearly 55,000 visitors arriving in conjunction with the event.

- The first Final Four played in a dome was in the Houston Astrodome in 1971. Spectators and media complained about the distance from the game action.

- North Carolina defeated Georgetown for the 1981 NCAA Championship at the Superdome in New Orleans before a crowd of 61,612. Other Final Fours at domed stadiums since them include the RCA Dome in Indianapolis in 1991, 1997; the Kingdome in Seattle in 1984, 1989 and 1995; the Superdome in 1987 and 1993; and the Metrodome in Minneapolis in 1992.

- Next year's Final Four will be at St. Petersburg, Fla., with Indianapolis hosting the event in 2000.

- There is no qualifying domes in the Mountain Time Zone. And with the projected demolition of the Kingdome - to be replaced by an open-air football stadium - there will be no domed stadiums west of the Rocky Mountains.