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In battle of boarders vs. skiers, Mannhart wins with long boards

SHARE In battle of boarders vs. skiers, Mannhart wins with long boards

In the battle of the skier versus the snow-boarder in the Boardercross/Skiercross Challenge, it was the skier who was able to twist and jump down the obstacle course the fastest.

Andy Mannhart was the official winner of the first combined Snowridercross at The Canyons.At the same time, a few mountain ridges to the north, Colorado was dominating the National Gelande Championships at the Winter Sports Park.

Boardercross, introduced a few years ago, is a made-for-snowboarders race down a carved course with jumps, banked turns, ridges and rollers or bumps. Between three and four snowboarders race at a time and the first rider to cross the finish is the winner.

There has been some talk of trying to put this event in the 2002 Olympics.

The Skiercross sends groups of skiers down the same course. In a showdown between the two in the finals, three skiers and three snowboarders challenged the turny, bumpy course and it was Mannhart, the skier, winning.

In the Boardercross, Joe Schueler won the men's 18 and over open and Marni Yamada the women's 18 and over. Mannhart finished second on his snowboard. Jenny Brown was runner-up in the women's event. In the junior men's race, Dave Gridley was first, followed by Doug Benson, and in the junior women's it was Lindsey Lloyd in first, followed by Jennifer Maynard.

In all, 134 skiers and snowboarders competed.

The gelande involved ski jumping off the 90-meter jump - but instead of jumping equipment competitors jump with regular alpine skis and poles. Participants compete in three rounds, with each round consisting of two jumps. The best score of the two jumps counts. Along with distances, jumpers are graded on style in the air.

Jeff Wogrin of Colorado won two of the three rounds to finish with 904 points. Second was Lloyd Thorsrud with 878 points and third was Rolf Wilson with 873 points. Both are from Montana.

Doug MacIsaac, who placed 13th, was the best Utah jumper. He finished with 818 points.

Wogrin had the longest jump of the event. He flew 277 feet, with style points of 27 of a possible 30, on his first jump in the second round. On his first jump of the final round, he flew 276 feet. Thorsrun had long jumps of 272 and 271 feet.

This was one of the last jumping events to be held Winter Sports Park for a few years. After this season, the park will be closed and the stadium jumping arena will be built. The jumps will open again for national competition in 2000.