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MassMutual initiative award goes to 6 Utah businesses

Six Utah businesses have been selected to receive MassMutual's Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative Award, which recognizes companies that have overcome adversity and emerged successful.

They are International Armoring Corp., Ogden, and Foot Log, Gramoll Construction Co., O'Cur-rence Inc., SORENCO Laboratories and ZEVEX Inc., all of Salt Lake City.They will be honored during a luncheon Sept. 30 in the Little America Hotel, said Jim Wood-ward, president of the Mass-Mutual office in Utah. In addition, each company is the subject of a video that is distributed so that other company officials can see how adversity is overcome and challenges met.

Other sponsors of the program are the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Nation's Business Magazine and First Business, a nationally syndicated newscast.