About 30 people attended the Salt Lake County Libertarian Party convention Saturday, with 19 delegates picking candidates in a number of races.

There will be no primaries, and as it turned out there were no contested races.But delegates did refuse to nominate Joe Evans in House District 52. Evans filed as a Republican and as a Libertarian. He was eliminated in the Salt Lake County Republican Convention several weeks ago.

Evans didn't show up at the Libertarian convention on Saturday. County party chairman Richard Barnes said delegates decided not to officially nominate him as a party candidate. But delegates decided to invite Evans back to next Saturday's state Libertarian Party convention.

Barnes later spoke with Evans, who said he would show up Saturday, speak and be voted on again.

Evans is anti-abortion, said Barnes, "and the party is pro-choice." Some didn't like Evans' stand on that issue, but he was eliminated not for that but because he didn't show up and didn't have anyone speak in his place, said Barnes.

Those nominated for office in the county Libertarian convention were:

Brian Swim, 2nd Congressional District. David B. Smith, state Senate District 1. James Elwell, Senate District 7. Charles A. Bonsall, Senate District 10. Don Johnstun, House District 22. Ron Amos, House District 27. Charles Pearce, House District 31. Chauna Pierce, House District 38. Jim Dexter, House District 39. Alan Hepner, House District 46, Charles Hardy, House District 50. Cabot Nelson, Salt Lake County Commission Seat B. Hugh A. Butler, Salt Lake County treasurer. Richard Barnes, State School Board District 9.

Several candidates this year filed as both Republicans and Libertarians. Because the Utah Republican Party wouldn't allow any so-called fusion candidates in their conventions, several people who filed as both Republicans and Libertarians dropped out of one of the party races.

In House District 50, Hardy and Janalee Tobias filed as both a Republican and Libertarian. Hardy dropped out of the GOP race, Tobias out of the Libertarian race. Tobias has a GOP primary against Rep. Lloyd Frandsen, R-South Jordan, Hardy is the Libertarian nominee.