City officials remain optimistic about Centerville's future, despite a small dose of reality during the current fiscal year.

Expected sales tax revenue, primarily from large commercial developments near Parrish Lane and I-15, fell $114,662 (5.9 percent) short of expectations for fiscal year 1997-98. Admittedly, this has put a crimp on some areas of this year's proposed budget, said City Manager Steve Thacker. As proposed, the budget includes two fee increases that will be passed on to residents but no tax increase."I am optimistic about the long-term health of the city," Thacker said. "In the short term, however, many staffing and capital needs will continue to be unmet."

Even with the shortfall in sales tax revenue, though, this Davis County city continues to grow at a quick pace. Last year, the sales tax revenue rose 7.3 percent, amounting to a 21.4 percent increase in sales-tax revenue during the past two years.

That pace will most likely continue, a trend the proposed fiscal year 1998-99 budget reflects with an increase of $220,207 (12 percent). As much as $150,000 of that will come from the opening of new businesses, especially a Home Depot and Land Rover dealership, Thacker said.

As proposed in the budget, the city will add two full-time positions to the current payroll: a school resource officer/traffic enforcement officer and a public works inspector. The resource officer will work in Centerville Junior High, which has been the only Davis County middle level school, out of 13, to not have such an officer.

Current city employees can expect a possible boost in their pay, as a 7 percent increase for all city salaries has been included in the proposed budget. During an April work session, the City Council expressed its support for this pay raise.

One position that some council members have supported, a full-time recreation coordinator, has not been included in the proposed budget. Instead, Thacker has recommended the council assemble a thorough recommendation that will include information on funding, cost effectiveness and necessity.

Under the proposed budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, Centerville residents will see a minor increase in fees they pay to the city. To cover the cost of a new recycling contract with BFI Industries, the city will raise sanitation fees at least 3 percent, Thacker said. Also, the city will impose a new drainage fee, for improved storm drains, of $3 to $5 for residential customers.

No tax increase is planned, and other department funding will see no substantial changes.

A hearing on the proposed 1998-99 budget is set for 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 2, in the council chambers.

The proposed budget is available for review in the city office, 250 S. Main, during office hours.


Additional Information

Budget - Centerville

General fund: $5,031,534


General fund $4,861,212


Where it comes from:

Property tax: $ 847,500

Last year: $ 809,400

Sales tax: $2,054,207

Last year: $1,834,000

Franchise tax: $ 426,900

Last year: $ 390,915

Other revenues: $1,702,927

Last year: $1,826,897

Where it goes:

Public safety: $1,647,473

Last year: $1,497,882

Parks & Rec. $ 430,201

Last year: $ 443,315

Streets: $1,428,558

Last year: $1,343,537

Community devel.: $ 192,932

Last year: $ 183,807

Other expenditures: $1,332,390

Last year: $1,593,160

Tax/fee increases:

Sanitation fee increase - 3% or more. New drainage fee - $5/mo.