Democracy, as tortuous and tedious as it can be at times, is often fascinating to watch. The Salt Lake City Council decision on the Gateway Intermodal Hub is a case in point. After extended study, debate, disagreement and delay, the council did what is clearly best for Salt Lake City when it voted to place the intermodal transportation hub at 600 West and 200 South. This decision means that the plans to transform the Gateway area can go forward. Many decisions remain, but this was a critical step.

I have no desire to reiterate the compelling reasons for locating the hub at 600 West. Suffice it to say that the reasons outweighed legitimate arguments for placing it in one of two other attractive locations. What I would like to do is thank the members of the City Council for the time and tenacity they devoted to forging a decision that is in the best interests of the Gateway neighborhood, the city and the entire Wasatch Front. No council has made a decision with more far-reaching consequences for the city.My particular thanks go to those three council members - Keith Christensen, Bryce Jolley and Carlton Christensen - who first saw the wisdom of the 600 West location and, despite being in the minority, kept working with their fellow council members until they achieved a 6-1 majority. That takes vision, courage, tenacity, patience and conviction. I thank them now; the residents of this city will thank them for generations.

Deedee Corradini


Salt Lake City