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Local politicians getting into the Finals action

SHARE Local politicians getting into the Finals action

Now we know it's really, truly NBA finals time. No, not because the Bulls beat the Pacers, or because true-blue fans are scrambling for Chicago hotel rooms or because Jazz players are saying things like "we'll take it one game at a time."

We know because local politicians have started their ceremonial bets.Monday morning Salt Lake Mayor Deedee Corradini and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley made their bet with each other on the outcome of the Jazz-Bulls series. The stakes: Daley offered a large assortment of food, including Chicago cheesecake and hot dogs, Mexican food, ribs and other artery-hardeners. Corradini offered a skiing weekend at Snowbird, a bobsled ride and ski jumping lessons (all donated).

Dunno about Daley, but Corradini said if she wins the bet, her winnings will go to charity.

She noted the difference between the lifestyles of residents of Chicago and Salt Lake City as thus: "They're food and we're sports."