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Consultants seek input on road to Snowbasin

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Consultants think they know where a new road to Snowbasin ski resort should be built.

Now they're asking for feedback from the public before submitting their recommendation to the U.S. Forest Service.Engineers from the Sear-Brown Group have selected a 3.5-mile route, known as the "lower road," from three options.

The consultants are asking for public comment during an open house at the Weber Center, on the northeast corner of Washington Boulevard and 24th Street in Ogden. It is scheduled for Thursday, June 4, 5 to 8 p.m.

If the lower path is followed, the road can be built for approximately $13.5 million compared to $18 million and $19 million for the two alternates.

"The route identified by the partnering team provides the community with a roadway that has the highest level of service with the least amount of environmental impact," said Kevin Farley, project manager for Sear-Brown.

The road will provide a second access to the Ogden-area resort, the site of ski events for the 2002 Winter Games. It will be capable of supporting the numerous buses expected to roll into the resort during the Olympics.

If no major difficulties are identified, the proposed route will be officially recommended to the Forest Service by mid-June.

The Utah Department of Transportation is working with the Forest Service. The bulk of construction costs likely will be paid for by the federal government.