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What was Nixon’s plan?

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In the April 26 Deseret News Viewpoint section was the headline: "1968 - Turbulent year brought changes and headlines that shocked America" by John Lang, Scripps Howard News Service.

Paragraph 18 - Richard Nixon Elected in Three-Way Race, Campaigning as "the New Nixon," with a "secret plan" to end the war, he is elected on the thinnest majority of 499,704 votes. Whatever his war-ending plan, it's so secret he never tells it.In 1968, I graduated from the first graduating class of the new Bear Lake High School. Within a week or two after graduation, I joined the Navy. I didn't get sworn in until December. After boot camp in January, I was assigned to the Amphibious Seabee Battalion in Yokosuka, Japan. I, along with several Seabees, seamen, naval petty officers and officers beached a 16-section causeway pier in Da Nang, South Vietnam.

Our operation was called Detachment November. The troop withdrawal started as we loaded LSTs (Landing Ship Transport or tank). It was November 1969 that America started the first troop withdrawal from South Vietnam. Where was our free press? That was the big secret plan, I guess. Thus started Vietnamization. The Vietnam people were supposed to start to fight their own battles.

David G. Buck