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Cannon backs Utah values

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I was surprised to hear that Republican convention delegates voted to force Congressman Chris Cannon into a primary election (I also heard there was poor delegate turnout).

I have followed Rep. Cannon's first term fairly closely. While I don't agree with every vote (something that is probably not possible regardless who serves in Congress), I believe he shares my values and concerns about the future of this country.Rep. Cannon represents Utah values and his voting record proves it. For example:

Has a 100 percent pro-life record.

Maintains a 100 percent pro-gun record.

Demonstrates a conservative fiscal record. Cannon voted for tax cuts and for making it harder to raise taxes, supports reducing capital gains taxes and eliminating the death tax, and voted for child tax credits.

Supports states' rights. Cannon supports eliminating many federal programs and letting the states decide.

Fights crime committed by illegal immigrants.

Stands strongly against Clinton and others who want to take our land.

These are just a few of the issues that are important to me. I hope that they are important to you. In fact, I hope you care enough to vote on June 23. I hope you will vote for Chris Cannon.

David Ostrom