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Blues singer, Hatch unite for D.C. flag concert

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Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson doesn't exactly sing Sen. Orrin Hatch's tune. But his daughter did Tuesday.

Santita Jackson, a blues and gospel singer, performed two patriotic songs written by Hatch, R-Utah, during the annual Congressional Flag Day Concert - an event chaired by Hatch's wife, Elaine.Jackson - who also sang the national anthem at President Clinton's second inauguration - sang Hatch's "One Nation Under God," and his "Heal Our Land."

That came during an event that annually urges members of Congress to overcome partisan differences and work together for the good of the nation.

Hatch and Jesse Jackson had a much-publicized and partisan tiff last year where Jackson accused Hatch of racism as he sought to block the appointment of Chinese-American Bill Lann Lee as assistant attorney general.

Hatch said his opposition came because of Lee's views and not his race, and he growled that Jackson was inserting race into an issue where it did not belong.

Hatch wasn't the only Utahn whose work was featured at the concert Tuesday. Elaine Hatch gave a speech, and said, "Love of country knows no political party, race or class," and "ideals uniting us as Americans are far stronger than any issue that may temporarily divide us."