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`Dudes’ run Yellowstone

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Every year, dudes and dudettes from the city visit "ranches" in the West where they crawl on a horse, shout wahoo and imitate Billy Crystal.

Nothing wrong with that; probably a good thing for urban folks to get a taste of rural life and vice versa. The players know their role and position - i.e., learners and teachers.Problems could arise, however, if the dude decides he is the expert. It would seem that "dudes" have seized control of what is loosely described as "the natural resource sciences" in America's schools.

Decades ago, only a few individuals advanced the philosophy that Mother Nature was perfectly balanced and that she was never in error. Although this concept is obviously false, it has grown to be a tenet that all schoolchildren must espouse. This philosophy is referred to as "naturalistic" management but in fact it describes no management whatever.

Several years ago, a deer herd in Colorado was allowed to grow without harvest or man's management. The herd grew in numbers, overgrazed the area and was essentially wiped out by starvation. So much for the perfect balance of nature.

Now we have the wolf-predator lovers who insist, based upon the naturalistic theory, that if man would just stay out of it, nature will live happily ever after. It ain't so!

With just three wolf packs in Yellowstone, surviving elk calf numbers are dramatically down. Only 8 calves per 100 cows survived last season, according to a recent news article.

The young woman who pushed so hard for wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone says she named one of the first wolves "Natasha" and "told it stories about Yellowstone." Yep!! "dudes are running the ranch."

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