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Salem approves budget of $3.86 million for ’98-99

SHARE Salem approves budget of $3.86 million for ’98-99

The City Council has approved a 1998-99 fiscal year budget of $3.86 million that will take effect July 1.

Included is the general fund budget of $1.28 million in revenues, and a utility budget of $2.38 million in revenues and expenses. The motor pool, insurance and data processing budget, including both revenues and expenses, totals $204,800.The city expects to take in $185,000 in property taxes, $250,00 in sales taxes, $60,000 from building permits and $35,000 from building plan check fees. Revenues also include $134,700 in class C road funds, and $200,000 in administrative services, revenue which comes from the utility departments, said city recorder Paul Hair.

The general fund budget also shows $140,493 in the public treasurer's fund, a savings account in the state treasurer's office in Salt Lake City. "We use it to balance the general fund budget," said Hair. "We don't always have to use it, but it's there if we need it."

The savings account averages about 6 percent in annual interest, he added.

General fund expenditures include $141,502 for the central staff and city office, $387,217 for public safety, $237,987 for highways and public improvements, $97,580 for fire and ambulance and $92,230 for recreation programs.

The utility budget of $2.38 million breaks down to $544,919 for the water department, $380,000 for sewer, $1.3 million for power and $144,250 for solid waste in revenues and expenditures.