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Local births

Cottonwood Hospital-

BROWN, Danale and Kirk, Salt Lake City, girl, June 8.HILL, Amanda and Jeffrey, Kearns, girl, June 8.

MAGDA, Denise and Daniel, Salt Lake City, boy, June 8.

MCKINNEY, Sydney and Douglas, Tooele, girl, June 8.

OLDROYD, Jamie and Hal, Magna, boy, June 8.

WICKHAM, Catherine and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, June 8.

Lakeview Hospital-

BURK, Alison and Brady, Centerville, boy, June 7.

DALTON, Renee and Damon, Bountiful, girl, June 5.

HANSEN, Hayley and Mike, Bountiful, boy, June 5.

LOWE, Lisa and Mark, Layton, boy, June 5.

MILLER, Susan and Scott, Bountiful, girl, June 5.

OLSEN, Patrice and Kent, Bountiful, girl, June 6.

SALMON, Angela, West Bountiful, boy, June 4.

LDS Hospital-

GATHERUM, Brittney and Bryan, Bountiful, girl, June 8.

HUNT, Chelsey and Todd, Salt Lake City, girl, June 8.

KLEINVACHTER, Kelly, Salt Lake City, boy, June 8.

LARICS, Maria and Manuel, Salt Lake City, boy, June 8.

SMITH, Julie and Eric, Salt Lake City, boy, June 8.

WARREN, Karen and Douglas, South Jordan, boy, June 8.

WENZBAUER, Maria and David, Bountiful, boy, June 8.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

SIMPSON, Genia, and Campbell, Brandon, West Valley City, boy, June 8.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

ANDREASEN, Michelle and Reed, Brigham City, girl, June 6.

BARKER, Jennifer and Scott, Layton, boy, June 6.

BURCHAM, Stephanie, Ogden, girl, June 5.

ERICKSEN, Windy and LaFAYE, Travis, Ogden, girl, June 4.

GARCIA, Fawntella, Roy, girl, June 6.

HAIR, Denise and Max, Ogden, boy, June 4.

HEYDON, Michelle and Keith, Roy, boy, June 4.

KEENEY, Renee, and KNIGHT, Michael, Ogden, boy, June 7.

KNIGHT, Julie and Glain, Ogden, girl, June 6.

MOYES, Nancie and Gene, Ogden, boy, June 7.

NAWYN, Lori Lyn and Brian, Brigham City, girl, June 4.

OLSON, Amy and Ryan, Roy, boy, June 4.

PHILLIPS, Regina and Jeffrey, Ogden, girl, June 4.

PORTER, Shari and Mike, Roy, boy, June 4.

RICHARDSON, Susan and David, Ogden, girl, June 4.

SHAW, Sonya and William, Ogden, girl, June 4.

SPENCER, Dana and Darrel, Ogden, boy, June 6.

THON, Danielle and Zachary, Ogden, boy, June 4.

TIDWELL, Janalee and Darren, Huntsville, boy, June 7.

TOONE, Brooke and Ryan, Ogden, boy, June 4.

WILLOTT, Jennifer and Timothy, Ogden, girl, June 6.

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center-

ADAMS, Rebecca and Aaron, Salt Lake City, girl, June 7.

BINGHAM, Richel and Johnnie, Syracuse, girl, June 5.

BOYKIN, Emily and Charles, Salt Lake City, girl, June 4.

BRIGGS, Sonia and Duane, Salt Lake City, boy, June 4.

CABRERA, Lilia and Jose, Salt Lake City, boy, June 4.

GILBERT, Brittney, West Valley City, girl, June 4.

HERRERA, Maria and Salvador, Salt Lake City, girl, June 6.

HIGUERA, Delia, and GOMEZ, Luis, Salt Lake City, boy, June 6.

NORDELL, Stacey and Richard, Farmington, boy, June 5.

OWENS, Nicole and Brian, Sandy, girl, June 5.

VERHARST, Miyoung and Phil, Salt Lake City, boy, June 5.

WOODHOUSE, Sarah and Rob, West Valley City, boy, June 5.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

ANDERSON, Jan and Carl, Woodland Hills, boy, May 23.

ASAY, Lisa and McKay, Vineyard, Utah County, boy, May 21.

BLAIR, ShaLyne and Michael, Provo, boy, May 22.

BROWER, Valerie and Michael, Springville, girl, May 21.

DOUD, Tibby and Jon, Orem, boy, May 21.

FINDERS, Rachel and Jason, Springville, girl, May 23.

GARCIA, Martha, and Ferron, Carlos, Springville, girl, May 20.

GENTRY, Jennifer and Geoffrey, Provo, boy, May 23.

HERNANDEZ, Tammy and Luis, Provo, girl, May 23.

HOWE, Amy and Geoffrey, Orem, boy, May 21.

JOHNSON, Lenore and Bret, Provo, girl, May 23.

LEAVITT, Stacy and Shane, Provo, girl, May 23.

MILLSTEAD, Margaret and Justin, Spanish Fork, boy, May 23.

MUGERIAN, Charlynn and Paul, Provo, boy, May 20.

NUTTALL, Katie and Cory, Orem, girl, May 23.

SITES, Kerri and Jarod, Spanish Fork, boy, May 22.

STEINER, Emily and Paul, Spanish Fork, boy, May 21.

TOPHAM, Rebecca and Glade, Orem, boy, May 22.

VANDERWEL, Sonya and Brian, Provo, boy, May 21.

WALL, Rachell and Jared, Santaquin, boy, May 22.

WOODHOUSE, Shiralea and Jason, Provo, boy, May 21.

ZIERENBERG, Natalie and Trevor, Provo, girl, May 23.