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Foster, ‘Tag to step aside for new starter

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After meeting with the media Tuesday, we had a short but brisk practice. It was a good practice. We'll be ready to go tonight. It won't be no 42-point loss, let's just put it that way. We went over some film and have a game plan ready.

I can't talk about our strategy for Game 4, but I will say that I am not going to be starting. And Greg Ostertag, who started in my place on Sunday, is not starting, either. That's all I can say about that at this point.Before practice Tuesday, I got up and lifted weights in the health club here at the Fairmont Hotel. They also have a basketball court, so I worked on my shooting on my own at the gym in the hotel. I haven't taken too many shots in the Finals, but if I get them tonight, I need to hit them.

Then I went to practice. After practice, I came back and relaxed for awhile before heading out to a place called the Shark Bar for lunch. It is an excellent soul food restaurant. That's what's great about Chicago. They have excellent restaurants all over the place. I've been to Lowry's, Houston's and the Cheesecake Factory - those are the ones we've been able to hit so far, but we still have a couple more days here.

I also got a haircut Tuesday afternoon by a guy who I met out here at the gym playing ball. He just happened to be a barber and I like to keep my hair nice and short, so I got it cut by him.

I met my wife, Victoria, for dinner Tuesday night. She's staying over at the Marriott. My wife is out here with me, but the kids are off staying with grandma for the next few days while Daddy's off doing his business.

I did the Fox-13 deal last night at 10:30, but they had me go over to Michael Jordan's restaurant to do it. That kind of ticked me off. The last place I wanted to be was near anything to do with the Chicago Bulls - and they make me go to Michael Jordan's restaurant. Unbelievable.