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Hatch letting tobacco win

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One would think that a senator from the state with the nation's lowest smoking rate would be against smoking. But in the great state of Utah, that's not so. As a whole, our nation is trying to fight the tobacco companies and cut into the number of smokers we have, particularly in the case of children smokers.

However, Sen. Orrin G. Hatch feels that we should not fight the tobacco companies. In one of his own commercials, the Senator said that fighting tobacco companies will result in a black market on cigarettes and since children won't be able to smoke cigarettes, they will resort to smoking marijuana. So, Hatch is basically saying that it is good to have cigarettes so that the number of children smoking marijuana will go down.I guess the senator forgot the fact that children who smoke cigarettes have a much higher rate of smoking marijuana. So he's basically saying that we should not fight the tobacco companies. I wonder how much the tobacco companies paid him to say that. According to Hatch, it sounds like we should ignore the tobacco problem and let cigarettes continue to be readily available to children. It appears to me the senator feels that as long as children are going to smoke, we'll give them a drug that's easy to get and we'll even keep the price cheap for them. Apparently, Hatch has no regard for the people he is representing because when it comes down to it, he is choosing himself over millions of children.

Dan McCarley

Salt Lake City