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Local births

American Fork Hospital-

ANDERSON, Jamie and Kris, American Fork, girl, May 14.

BERLIN, Diane and John, Orem, boy, May 16.

BERRY, Kelly and Bart, Cedar Fort, girl, May 24.

BODTCHER, Pamela and Roy, American Fork, girl, May 21.

CAMERON, Stacie and Michael, American Fork, girl, May 19.

CARLING, Deona and Jason, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 21.

CIESLEWICZ, Lindsay and Joshua, Provo, boy, May 14.

COLE, Marcia and Brian, Spanish Fork, boy, May 13.

CROFTS, Jennifer and Jay, American Fork, boy, May 22.

CUMMINGS, Cathy and James, Alpine, girl, May 12.

DARLING, Kristin and Seth, Provo, girl, May 27.

DELL'ERGO, Jill and Mark, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 12.

DROUBAY, Amy and Jeffrey, Orem, boy, May 12.

DRUMMOND, Tanya and Justin, Provo, girl, May 18.

FAUST, Barbara and Damon, Mapleton, girl, May 21.

FUGAL, Valene and Jared, American Fork, boy, May 22.

GREEN, Shauntel and Alan, Orem, boy, May 22.

GROCE, Larissa, and CIFUENTES, Gonzalo, Orem, girl, May 23.

GUENTHER, Monica and Christopher, Provo, boy, May 15.

HANSEN, Jenilyn and Curtis, Provo, girh, May 24.

HANSEN, Laura and Wynn, Provo, girl, May 14.

HARDEAN, Anne and Kyle, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 22.

HAYWARD, Dione and Rory, Spanish Fork, girrrl, May 14.

HENDERSON, Andrea and Billy, Lehi, boy, May 18.

HENRIE, Rebecca and Joseph, Springville, boy, May 26.

HERNANDEZ, Angela and Ricardo, Provo, girl, May 16.

HUGHES, Teshia, Provo, girl, May 23.

JARDINE, Paula and Richard, American Fork, boy, May 22.

LAMOREAUX, Amber and Rand, Orem, boy, May 14.

LEBARON, Rachel and Robert, American Fork, boy, May 15.

LIVINGSTON, Shellee and Mike, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 14.

LLOYD, Rochelle and Craig, West Jordan, girl, May 18.

LOOSLE, Wendi and Kent, Highland, girl, May 20.

MANGUM, Aubrey and Mark, Provo, girl, May 14.

MATHEWS, Kalene and Bryan, Lehi, twin boys, May 17.

McCUISTION, Denise and Tracy, Lehi, girl, May 12.

McEWAN, Jeanne and Kevin, Lehi, boy, May 19.

McKEACHNIE, Carolyn and Vance, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 14.

McKINLEY, Kayla and Scott, Orem, boy, May 14.

McMILLAN, Holly and Kevin, Springville, girl, May 22.

MEYER, Jo Deann and Randall, Pleasant Grove, girl, May 20.

MOGLE, Tina and Fredrick, Cedar Fort, girl, May 22.

MOK, Kyeongai, and CHOI, Yonghoon, Provo, boy, May 14.

MOUNTEER, Roslyn and Darcy, American Fork, girl, May 26.

NEWNS, Margo and Jeremy, Orem, boy, May 20.

NIELSON, Kimberly and Bryan, Pleasant Grove, girl, May 17.

OLIVEIRA, Maria and Fabio, Salt Lake City, boy, May 11.

OLSEN, Shelli and Kendall, Provo, girl, May 15.

PALMER, Merilee and Stanley, American Fork, girl, May 18.

PINEGAR, Stephanie and Jared, Orem, boy, May 17.

RUDDER, Heather, and MORRILL, Marty, Lehi, girl, May 22.

SABEY, Ann Marie and Jason, American Fork, girl, May 20.

SANFORD, Mary and Edward, Provo, girl, May 15.

SECRETAN, Jechelle and Cary, Pleasant Grove, girl, May 25.

SECRETAN, Lavonne and Kent, Lehi, girl, May 15.

SMITH, Stephanie and Brandon, Pleasant Grove, girl, May 15.

TAYLOR, Polly and Gaylan, Lehi, girl, May 13.

TODD, Amy and Daniel, Provo, boy, May 16.

WALKER, Jocelyn and Kurt, Lehi, girl, May 12.

WANLASS, Julianne and David, Highland, boy, May 18.

WATERS, Heather and Todd, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 21.

WEBB, Sarah and William, Orem, girl, May 14.

WELLNER, Stacy and Andrew, Lehi, girl, May 12.

WOOLF, Bonnie and Michael, Provo, girl, May 15.

Columbia Mountain View Hospital-

CALL, Sharon and Thaddeus, Provo, boy, May 26.

DIXON, M'Shelle and Sean, Spanish Fork, boy, May 28.

JACKSON, Milana and Robert, Mapleton, girl, May 27.

LOW, Thomas, Provo, boy, May 26.

LUDLOW, Nannette and Thomas, Spanish Fork, boy, May 29.

MYERS, Amy and Scott, Richfield, girl, May 28.

MYERS, Carrie and Sean, Provo, boy, May 25.

RIGBY, Teena, and URESTI, Carlos, Goshen, girl, May 30.

ROBINSON, Nancy and Scott, Springville, boy, May 29.

SIDWELL, Jill and Bryan, Delta, boy, May 26.

SMITH, Patricia and Richard, Orangeville, girl, May 28.

WORWOOD, Jennifer and Travis, Levan, boy, May 29.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital-

DELAHUNTY, Susan and Daniel, Salt Lake City, girl, June 10.

JENSEN, Julie and Ryan, Sandy, boy, June 9.

LATHAM, Misty and Thad, Magna, boy, June 9.

MONU, Latai and Sione, Salt Lake City, boy, June 9.

NEY, Barbara and Joseph, Salt Lake City, girl, June 10.

NIESEN, Cyndy and Howard, Riverton, girl, June 10.

OLSEN, Tina, Sandy, boy, June 9.

SHREWSBURY, Sheila and Brian, West Valley City, girl, June 10.

SPRIGGS, Tawny and Eric, Draper, girl, June 10.

WILLIAMS, Annamarie and John, Salt Lake City, twin boys, June 9.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BROWN, Carma and Samuel, Salt Lake City, girl, June 10.

CLEMENT, Becky and Glen, Truckee, Calif., girl, June 10.

HOLLAND, Dianna and James, Salt Lake City, girl, June 10.

KNUDSEN, Mary Ann and Jason, Salt Lake City, girl, June 10.

LEAVITT, Christina and Anthony, West Jordan, boy, June 10.

MUNOZ, Doris and Juan, West Jordan, girl, June 10.

PALMER, Sarah and Dennis, Sandy, boy, June 10.

PEARSON, Lisa and Lance, Salt Lake City, boy, June 10.

STUMPH, Cynthia and David, Salt Lake City, boy, June 10.

THIEDE, Christine, and TAYLOR, Spencer, Salt Lake City, boy, June 10.

WALKER, Debby and Brett, Salt Lake City, boy, June 10.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

ANDERSON, Deborah and Lance, South Jordan, girl, June 7.

ARAGON, Briseida and Moroni, West Jordan, boy, June 8.

CAMPBELL, Elizabeth and Thomas, Kearns, girl, June 4.

DEBRUIN, Jeanine, Salt Lake City, girl, June 8.

EVANS, Saundra and Robert, Sandy, boy, June 4.

GENOWAY, Cindy and Ted, Taylorsville, boy, June 5.

GRAMES, Holly and Heath, Sandy, boy, June 10.

KELSCH, Mindy and Brandon, Salt Lake City, boy, June 8.

KING, Keri and Troy, Riverton, boy, June 9.

LANE, Kristin, Salt Lake City, girl, June 10.

LAPRAY, Jennifer and Carl, South Jordan, boy, June 6.

LARSEN, Jessica and Brian, West Jordan, girls, June 9.

LAWSON, Lori Ann, Salt Lake City, boy, June 6.

LEE, Sherrie and Brandon, West Valley City, boy, June 10.

LITSTER, Yeun Nam and James, Holladay, girl, June 9.

LITTLEWOOD, Heather and Cody, Salt Lake City, boy, June 10.

McDOUGAL, Faith and Ron, West Jordan, girl, June 8.

MURTHA, Deann and Jim, Riverton, girl, June 10.

PEGNATO, Saundra and John, Taylorsville, girl, June 9.

PINKERTON, Nicole and Darrin, Taylorsville, girl, June 5.

PROWS, Michelle, West Valley City, girl, June 3.

REES, Mechelle, West Valley City, boy, June 9.

SMITH, Michelle and David, West Jordan, boy, June 6.

WHITTENBURG, Koryl and David, Sandy, girl, June 9.

LDS Hospital-

CRANE, Robyn and Warlough, Sandy, boy, June 10.

GARNER, Celestia and Steven, West Valley City, girl, June 10.

HARGETT, Elizabeth and Brandon, Salt Lake City, girl, June 10.

LUNT, Sydney and John, Salt Lake City, boy, June 10.

MANN, Amanda and William, Park City, boy, June 10.

McGRORY, Virginia and James, Sandy, twin girls, June 10.

PACKER, Donna and Scott, Lehi, girl, June 10.

TOLMAN, Lisa and Steven, Ogden, boy, June 10.

Orem Community Hospital-

ANDERSON, Syndi and Mark, Provo, boy, June 6.

BOCANEGRA, Abby and Matthew, Orem, girl, June 3.

BROWN, Joann and Michael, Provo, girl, June 2.

CHRISTENSEN, Karla and Kay, Provo, girl, June 5.

FAZAR, Jennifer and Michael, Provo, boy, June 3.

FOX, Shannon and Robert, Provo, girl, June 6.

HANSEN, Kathryn and Ryan, Provo, girl, June 6.

HOLLADAY, Jennifer and Trevor, Provo, girl, June 8.

JENSEN, Laurie and Todd, Orem, girl, June 5.

JOHNSON, Luanne and Mark, Orem, girl, June 5.

KENNEDY, Emily and Jeremy, Provo, boy, June 4.

KERLEY, Aileen and Jerry, Orem, girl, June 3.

LAMEMAN, Priscilla and Eric, Springville, boy, June 3.

LUNCEFORD, Mindy and Troy, Provo, boy, June 3.

MENDEZ, Lorenza and Cesar, Orem, boy, June 5.

RADMALL, Tiffany and Robert, Midvale, boy, June 2.

REID, Julie and Robert, Orem, girl, June 5.

ROGERS, Ruthann and Kurt, Provo, boy, June 2.

SLOAT, Jennifer and Randolph II, Orem, girl, June 7.

STEVENSON, Amy and Robert, Provo, boy, June 6.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

GILLETT, Amy and Shaun, West Valley City, boy, June 9.

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center-

BANTRUP, Sharon and Christopher, Draper, girl, June 9.

BROWN, Celeste and Rodney, Bountiful, boy, June 8.

FLETCHER, Rachel and Dustin, Salt Lake City, girl, June 8.

GREEN, Wendy, and TRAEDEN, Jason, Salt Lake City, boy, June 9.

KING, Crystal and Matthew, Salt Lake City, boy, June 6.

MABUNGA, Lorelei and John, West Valley City, girl, June 8.

PALMATIER, Amiee, and PAAP, Thomas, Salt Lake City, girl, June 8.

SEGURA, Dinah, and NELSON, Dukes, Salt Lake City, boy, June 8.

SEVE, Heather and Orlando, Salt Lake City, boy, June 8.

WILSON, Dannell and Marcus, Salt Lake City, girl, June 8.

WRIGHT, Holli and Doug, West Valley City, boy, June 7.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

ALLEN, Lisa and Chris, Provo, girl, May 26.

AVERETT, Lucinda and Kim, Mapleton, boy, May 26.

BATES, Seiko and James, Lindon, boy, May 29.

BAUM, Kimberly and Thomas, Provo, boy, May 31.

BOYD, Marisa, and CHATWIN, Bruce, Heber City, girl, May 31.

BREWSTER, DeeAnn and Thayne, Orem, boy, May 28.

CAWLEY, Jenny and Matthew, Provo, girl, May 27.

COOK, Kara and Wesley, Elk Ridge, boy, May 31.

CROWTHER, Grace and Ronald, Provo, boy, May 27.

DAVIS, Vickie and Kurt, Salem, girl, May 27.

ELISON, Michele and Christopher, Lehi, girl, May 27.

ELLISON, Yvonne and Marc, Provo, girl, May 27.

EVANS, Annette and Robert, Orem, girl, May 28.

FAIRBANKS, Meredith and Marc, Tooele, boy, May 27.

FISHER, Tamara, Orem, boy, May 30.

FRATES, Kaylena and Richard, Provo, girl, May 30.

GULL, Laura and Melvin, Provo, boy, May 26.

HALL, Brenda and Fred, Springville, girl, May 27.

HANSEN, Tamara and Clinton, St. George, twins, boy and girl, May 27.

HAYMORE, Kandie and Jason, Spanish Fork, girl, May 30.

JAMES, Nycole and Roger, Heber City, boy, May 30.

JEX, Brenda and John, Orem, boy, May 31.

JEX, Melanie and Robert, Provo, girl, May 31.

JONES, Sherrie and Quinton, Payson, girl, May 27.

KELLY, Rebekah and Aaron, Provo, boy, May 31.

LAURSEN, Lisa and Dale, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 27.

LEAVITT, Stacy and Sean, Orem, boy, May 28.

LUCAS, Tricia and Shawn, Lindon, girl, May 28.

LYONS, Jennifer and Wade, Payson, girl, May 28.

METLER, Robyn and Steve, Orem, girl, May 28.

MIZE, Adriana and Hugh, Orem, girl, May 26.

MORI, Beth and Steven, Provo, girl, May 27.

NELSON, Mary, and DAVIS, Kevin, Provo, boy, May 29.

ORTIZ, Danner and Humberto, Orem, boy, May 27.

PENROD, Donalee and John, Orem, girl, May 26.

PEREZ, Jacqueline and Terry, Highland, boy, May 26.

RASMUSSEN, Amy and Matthew, Provo, boy, May 28.

REX, Heidi and Tyler, Provo, girl, May 28.

RICHARDSON, Kelly and Joshua, Provo, girl, May 26.

ROBERTS, Keranne and Jared, Provo, boy, May 26.

SCHINDLER, Karly and Dennis, Heber City, boy, May 27.

SIEMER, Julieann and Colby, Orem, girl, May 30.

STEELE, Viky and David, Orem, girl, May 31.

THOMPSON, Camille and Chad, Spanish Fork, boy, May 29.

WALKER, Merrie and Korey, Spanish Fork, boy, May 26.

WATT, April and Michael, Heber City, girl, May 28.

WEAVER, Lillie and Andrew, Provo, boy, May 29.

WEBB, Jennifer and Andrew, Orem, girl, May 26.

WELLER, Lori and David, Provo, boy, May 28.

WELLESLEY, Jennie and Duncan, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 26.

WILKINSON, Mellissa and Travis, Provo, boy, May 27.

WILLARDSON, Heidi and Todd, Lindon, girl, May 28.

WILLIAMS, Lynelle and Jeff, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 29.