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Keep sports off front page

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From the standpoint of subjective indifference on the subject of professional sports, and on behalf of others who feel the same, we offer the following opinion merely as a way of evening the score regarding the inundation of Jazz hype and its context in reality.

Considering that all newspapers and television news programs have sections dedicated to the exclusive coverage of sports of all kinds, and to the reporting of the outcomes of the various contests, and to every sacred utterance of the contestants thereof, why is it that the media insist on assaulting the sensibilities of their readers/viewers with headline documentation of every Jazz playoff game (win or loss) ad nauseam? Surely there is enough real news in the world deserving of front page or top story coverage.As a source of entertainment, the Jazz are no more newsworthy than the turnstile attendance at the local movie house or the rantings of some high-brow theater critic. Let the fans turn to the sports section to satisfy their addiction. After all, it's just a game.

David E. Jensen


Rae Jensen

West Valley City