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The AARP just held its convention in Minneapolis. That's the American Association of Rambunctious Pests.

- Excuse me - Retired Persons. The AARP is one of the most dynamic lobbying organizations in the country - and a great place to meet chicks.- But it's not all fun and games. (The reader may thank me now for resisting a Viagra joke here.) Every politician knows that hell hath no fury like an AARP member with a fax machine.

- Today's seniors are told that at present there is enough Social Security for them. But by the year 2029, there won't be enough. About the only thing I will be concerned about in 2029 is when they will bring me my tray.

- Some in Congress want to privatize Social Security and give people more take-home pay. But most people would only squander it - and we already have a government to do that.

Los Angeles Times Syndicate