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Hypocrisy over tobacco

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Two years ago, doctors found I had third-stage ovarian cancer. After months of chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant and a tortuous year of pain, I am now cancer-free.

Why would anyone take the chance of getting cancer by smoking and bring ill health on themselves is hard to believe. But it is their choice, and why should someone else have to compensate them for their bad health choice.Tobacco packages have a label warning its users smoking could be detrimental to their health. Do smoking individuals think it doesn't apply to them, and only others contract cancer?

I am appalled by the hypocrisy of the government that at times has used nonsmokers' tax money to subsidize tobacco growers, then spent more taxpayer money to get tobacco companies to pay up for damages caused by their products, and finally, used tobacco taxed revenue on programs that have nothing to do with tobacco.

Smoking individuals don't have a gun pointed at their heads saying smoke or chew. They made the choice, and they should be responsible for that choice.

I say to all, be responsible for yourselves and your health. Don't smoke.

Patricia Butts

South Ogden