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Utahns’ 21 national patents cover variety of inventions

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From equipment to make diamonds to apparatus for harvesting brine shrimp, 21 patents were issued to Utah inventors by the U.S. Patent Office. Copies of patents are available by number for $3 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC 20231. Abstracts and classifications are available at the Marriott Library, University of Utah.

- Warren L. Fitzgerald, Murray. Floatable container apparatus for harvesting brine shrimp eggs and methods for using it. Filed Oct. 3, 1996. Patent 5,743,041.- David O. Martin, Salt Lake City. Auxiliary door and method for matching a sectional door. Assigned to Martin Door Manufacturing Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Mar. 9, 1995. Patent 5,743,057.

- Stefan Guenther, Orion, Mich.; Kevin Gallagher, Commerce, Mich.; M. Brent Jensen, Bountiful. Master cylinder and brake fluid reservoir assembly having a snap-in retention feature. Assigned to ITT Automotive Inc., Auburn Hills, Mich. Filed Sep. 17, 1996. Patent 5,743,092.

- Bryan K. Ruggles and Jace N. Green, both of Salt Lake City, and Richard F. Chacon, Brea, Calif. Vertical window shade. Assigned to Newell Operating Co., Freeport, Ill. Filed Mar. 15, 1996, a continuation-in-part of application June 21, 1994. Patent 5,743,318.

- Christian Robert Ahrens, Salt Lake City. A general purpose support system adaptable to a ski rack, bicycle rack, barricade, bench, table, or advertising display. Filed Dec. 4, 1995, a continuation-in-part of Patent 5,472,101. Patent 5,743,418.

- David W. Lindsey, Ogden, and Darrin L. Johnson, Fountain Hills, Ariz. An inflator of a vehicle safety restraint system having a flow inhibitor system. Filed April 2, 1997. Patent 5,743,556.

- Scott A. Jackson, Centerville; Paul Philpot, Layton; and Bradley W. Smith, Ogden. Spiral wrapped inner tube for gas generator filter. Assigned to Autoliv ASP Inc., Ogden. Filed Oct. 9, 1996. Patent 5,743,560.

- Robert Henderson, Scott Kimbrough and Lawrence Smilt-neek, all of Salt Lake City. A controller of current to the coils of an electromagnetic retarder for applying drag torque to a turning shaft. Assigned to K-Tronics Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed April 8, 1996. Patent 5,743,599.

- Riley B. Montgomery, West Point. A pattern sizing tool for use as a milling device for removing a portion of a stiff material like a tooth crown. Filed Nov. 18, 1996. Patent 5,743,686.

- Fred T. Smith and Fred P. Smith, Alpine. Front-side lifting and loading apparatus. Assigned to Galion Solid Waste Equipment Inc., Galion, Ohio. Filed Feb. 10, 1997, a continuation of Patent 5,601,392, which is a continuation of patent 5,470,187. Patent 5,743,698.

- Rosemarie M. Russell, Salt Lake City. Process for finishing a painting by using clear acrylic to achieve a polish matte, high gloss or other finish. Filed Feb. 26, 1996. Patent 5,743,789.

- Scott R. Watterson, William T. Dalebout and Frank Troy Miller, all of Logan. Cabinet treadmill with door. Assigned to ICON Health & Fitness Inc., Logan. Filed Jan. 30, 1996. Patent 5,743,833.

- Kim C. Bertin, Bountiful; Dennis W. Burke, Milton, Mass.; Gregory C. Stalcup, Columbia City, Ind., and Rodney Bays, Pierceton, Ind. Femoral milling instrumentation for use in total knee arthroplasty with optional cutting guide attachment. Assigned to Zimmer Inc., Warsaw, Ind. Filed Mar. 25, 1997. Patent 5,743,915.

- Victor A. Williamitis, Dayton, Ohio; Jeanne E. Lambert, Conyers, Ga.; Min Shiu Lee and Robert A. Taller, both of Sandy. Apparatus and method for coating of objects using a porous resilient matrix. Assigned to Becton Dickinson and Co., Franklin Lakes, N.J. Filed July 29, 1996, a division of application July 31, 1995. Patent 5,743,963.

- Thomas Harold Roesslet, Menasha, Wis.; Paul Theodore Van Gompel, Hortonville, Wis.; Daniel Robert Schlinz, Greenville, Wis.; Mark Gordon Heath, Butte des Morts, Wis.; and Geoffrey Walter Frost, Ogden. Apparatus for making an absorbent article with asymmetric leg elastics. Assigned to Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc., Neenah, Wis. Filed Nov. 6, 1995. Patent 5,743,994.

- John H. Gordon, Ashok V. Joshi and John McEvoy, all of Salt Lake City. Storage stable electrolytic gas generator for fluid dispensing applications. Assigned to Ceramatec Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed July 23, 1996, a continuation-in-part of Patent 5,538,605. Patent 5,744,014.

- H. Tracy Hall, Provo. High pressure presses for making diamonds and other hard, crystalline materials. Filed Nov. 18, 1996, a continuation-in-part of application March 28, 1996, which is a continuation of application Mar. 14, 1994. Patent 5,744,170.

- Peter Van Boris, Richland, Wash.; Dominic A. Cataldo, Kennewick, Wash.; Frederick G. Burton, Stansbury Park; and W. Eugene Skiens, Wilsonville, Ore.. Method and composition for protecting pavement structure from growth of plants in splits of the structure. Assigned to Battelle Memorial Institute, Richland, Wash. Filed June 7, 1995, a continuation-in-part of application Jan. 23, 1995, which is a continuation of application Nov. 18, 1993, which is a continuation of application March 10, 1993, which is a continuation of application July 13, 1992, which is a continuation of application Sep. 1, 1989, which is a continuation-in-part of patent 5,116,414, which is a continuation-in-part of applications Oct. 26, 1981 and Oct. 26, 1981. Patent 5,744,423.

- James D. Hodge and Lori J. Klemptner, both of Lincolnwood, Ill.; and Justin Whitney, Sandy. Cryogenic fluid-level sensor. Assigned to Illinois Superconductor Corporation, Mt. Prospect, Ill. Filed Nov. 8, 1994, a division of patent 5,393,736. Patent 5,744,945.

- Stephen L. Jacobsen and David L. Wells, both of Salt Lake City. A movement actuator includes a filament made of a flexible material and a strip of shape memory alloy on one side of the filament. Filed Nov. 7, 1996, a division of Patent 5,594,330, which is a division of Patent 5,481,184, which is a continuation-in-part of Patent 5,269,882, which is a continuation-in-part of Patent 5,106,455. Patent 5,744,947.

- Brent A. Sorensen, West Haven. Apparatus for detecting intermittent and continuous faults in multiple conductor wiring and terminations for electronic systems. Filed Aug. 24, 1995. Patent 5,744,967.