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All-American Roses are show-stoppers

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Of the dozens of new roses released each year, only a few are selected as All-America Rose selections. Those for 1998 have theatrical names and will steal the show in any garden.

Look for these show stoppers as this year's winners:Fame is a beautiful rose with deep pink blooms and dark green, glossy foliage. The upright, spreading canes produce large, pointed buds. This grandiflora rose blooms with lightly scented, 41/2-inch flowers with 30-35 petals. The plants are bushy and very vigorous and produces an abundance of buds. Fame is a hybrid of Tournament of Roses and Zorina.

Opening Night produces stunning red roses on classic hybrid tea plants. It has dark green, semi-glossy foliage and pointed buds. The buds open to reveal 41/2-inch slightly fragrant flowers with 25-30 petals. The long-lived blooms hold their brilliant color without fading so they work well as cut flowers or garden flowers. This is the first true red hybrid tea to win an AARS award in 14 years. Opening Night is a hybrid of Olympiad and Ingrid Bergman.

First Light is a new landscape rose. Many earlier shrub roses needed plenty of garden space, but First Light has a compact, rounded habit for smaller areas. The unique light pink flower clusters, which have five to seven petals, have contrasting purple stamens. The plants have sparkling green foliage and a spicy fragrance. First Light is the offspring of a Bonica and Ballerina.

Sunset Celebration is a hybrid tea that reflects the changing hues of the setting sun. The colors of this rose are variable as our sunsets. The plants produce blossoms that are apricot burnished with cream or peach depending on where they are grown. Flowers open to reach 41/2 to 51/2 inches with 25 to 30 petals. The fruity fragrance, deep green foliage and long stems make this a perfect rose for a sunny bouquet. Sunset Celebration was hybridized from a combination of Pot O' Gold and an unnamed seedling. The rose celebrates the 100th anniversary of Sunset Magazines, one of my favorite magazines.

The 1998 AARS winners are available at many local nurseries. Like all AARS winners, the roses honored for 1998 have completed a rigorous two-year test program. Each was planted in test gardens throughout the United States and evaluated by rose experts for two growing seasons.